Another Horrible TV Spot For Will Smith’s ‘After Earth’


Notice how I called it Will Smith‘s After Earth and not M. Night Shyamalan‘s? That’s because Smith’s name is the only draw for this forgettable-looking piece of probable garbage.

Seriously, even Sony doesn’t have much faith in it, which is why they shifted it forward a week, to try and distant it from Man of Steel.

I don’t blame them either, because almost every single trailer has had me laughing at Smith’s accent and the constant feeling of boredom that sets over whenever his son Jaden Smith pops on the screen.

I sure hope there’s an awesome twist nestled in towards the end or something big in the story that’s worthy of exploring with rich detail, because everything we have been allowed to see is mostly the same shit, which is CGI super-monkeys and an Earth that rapidly changes climate.

After Earth now opens on May 31st, 2013.

Latest TV spot below:

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