I’m honestly more excited for the CGI magic show on display in Ang Lee‘s latest film, Gemini Man, then I am for the actual movie.

It looks like your typical spy action film, featuring a reliable performance from Will Smith and a convincing villain portrayal by Clive Owen. There’s nothing about this movie that looks bad, but there’s also nothing about it that looks all that memorable.

Aside from the CGI and how it is being used to essentially create a new character and the weight for the film’s entire plot. Has the technology gotten to the point where we can see Will Smith go toe-to-toe with a younger version of himself?

The trailer shows off enough emotion and conflict to suggest that perhaps we are ready for a movie that features an entirely animated character in a co-starring role.

Gemini Man hits theaters in a couple months. Are you excited or interested in at all or as Paramount likely sunk way too much money into this CGI trickery?



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