American Psycho Remake Ordered By Lionsgate

If there is one horror film that doesn’t need a remake or reboot of any kind it would be American Psycho. Christian Bale fully embraced the role as Patrick Bateman; the wealthy psychopathic investment banker. He’s completely insane and past the point of saving. His performance in the film is easily one of his most memorable and the film itself is one of the better horror films in recent memory (well not so recent considering it came out in 2000).

According to Comic Book Movie Lionsgate has hired Noble Jones to pen a script for a remake. The film hasn’t been given a green light just yet, which is comforting, but the fact that they’re working on a script leaves little hope in fans of the original. The film managed to work in such an odd way. It does a perfect job of showing you just how psycho Bateman really was. In the day he’s your everyday business man, but by nightfall he’s slaughtering bums and feeding stray cats into ATM machines. It’s really some fucked up stuff.

I doubt Lionsgate could recapture that magic. Bale did a phenomenal job and I couldn’t even start to think about who they would get to replace him. This notion truly shows that any film is subject to a remake these days. I remember a few years back when news was swirling around about New Line Cinema remaking Blade. That was just 3 or 4 years after Blade: Trinity came out. It’s insane how fast this stuff is happening and it’s truly sad.

What are your thoughts on the matter? Did you see and enjoy the original American Psycho? Would you like a remake?

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