Alternate Concept Art For Spider-Man & The Lizard

The Amazing Spider-Man is continuing to pump out some money at the box office, while critics and fans have been battling it out over which series is better. I’m edging into the camp that likes The Amazing Spider-Man slightly more than Sam Raimi‘s Spider-Man, but we can save that debate for another day.

What’s interesting is this newly released concept art (via Bad Ass Digest) that gives us a look at what Spider-Man and The Lizard could have ended up looking like.

I must say that these concept photos for The Lizard are badass, mostly because they’re a lot scarier than the end result and because they’re not generic. One of my biggest gripes with Amazing was The Lizard’s poorly designed character, which looked too simple and plain for a comic-book villain.

There’s also this alternate concept art for Spider-Man, which mostly sucks. I like that they were trying to do something very different than the previous films, but some stuff must remain similar in order to keep that classic feel of the character. The end result is far superior to either of these photos.

Feel free to head over to the link above to view even more concept art!

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