‘Alter Egos’ Trailer from Smodcast Pictures

After a few failed productions, Kevin Smith will finally have his name on a superhero film, even if it’s only as distributor.  The film Alter Egos is a low budget superhero movie about a group of heroes on the outs when they lose their government sponsorship and fall from the grace of the public.

The movie stars Danny MastersonJohn Ventimiglia (Milo‘s brother), Joey Kern, and Brooke Nevin and will be released on Smith’s newly formed Smodcast Pictures label.  I’m sure this is just the beginning of the release of a lot of lower budget productions from the company, as the low budget arena is where Smith initially made his name with Clerks, and time after time he had trouble with studio films, mostly because they are so unnecessarily costly that it became prohibitive to the type of films he was trying to make, the type that had limited, but dedicated, audiences.

The film will be released on VOD platforms November 20th, 2012, which is the perfect type of release for this type of movie.  Check out the trailer below.

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