‘All The Boys Love Mandy Lane’ Finally Seeing A Release After Sitting On Shelf For 7 Years


Director Jonathan Levine has made some remarkable films in his short career. Films like The Wackness, 50/50 and most recently Warm Bodies. But back about seven years ago the director made a horror film starring Amber Heard called All the Boys Love Mandy Lane. It was picked up after a successful festival debut, but then the rights got shuffled around and eventually the film sat on a shelf, collecting dust and waiting for its proper release.

Overseas the film saw a DVD and Blu release, but in America it never saw any sort of formal release, aside from a few screenings.

Now, it looks like Radius (a subset of The Weinstein Company) is finally doing something with the film. The plan is to roll it out on the VOD platform this summer, with a limited theatrical release to follow in major markets.

I find this news both exciting and hopeful for a lot of other films that have been swept under the rug. Does this mean other films acquired but never released will finally see the light of day? Will you be checking out Levine’s horror flick?

Here’s an original trailer for the film:

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