Alexandre Aja Hired to Direct ‘Undying Love’?

While I’ve never read the graphic novel Undying Love, it sounds like it’s right up the alley of director Alexandre Aja, whose films I’ve always enjoyed, despite his recent tendency to remake every horror movie under the sun.  With that said, he’s made some of the best remakes out there with The Hills Have Eyes and Pirahna 3D.  However, the director is in negotiations to direct the movie of the Image Comics title.


” An ex-solider falls for a vampire, though in order to be with her, he must take on her creator, who is protected by an army of monsters in the Hong Kong underworld.”

The movie will be produced by Michael De Luca, Stephen L’Heureux, and BenderSpink.  The comic the movie will be based on was written by Tomm Coker and Daniel Freedman, who are also the co-writers of the screenplay.  No word on if this would be the next project after Aja’s Maniac remake starring Elijah Wood that is supposedly in post-production for release next year.

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