Albert Nobbs Review

Albert Nobbs is a 19th century period piece about a woman who is forced to live as a man. Albert Nobbs (Glenn Close) who has been living in secrecy for the past thirty years as a man is now facing the dilemma of finding herself. She wants to live free and be able to support herself as a women. However she knows that as of now she has to stay being the man that everyone thinks she is otherwise she stands the chance of losing her job as a butler. Not only does Nobbs want to support herself as a women she finds a new love interest (Mia Wasikowska) that has her struggling to keep up everything she has built over the years.

Glenn Close delivers an excellent performance as Albert Nobbs. There is a reason that Close was nominated for an Academy Award for Actress in a Leading Role in her performance as Nobbs. Close was able to pull off everything from the acting to the looks. When you looked at her character you saw a lot of pain just from the expressions that were given. She was capable of showing everything that her character had gone through in those thirty years of secrecy just by her expressions. There was one scene in particular that it was refreshing to see Glenn Close be able to let lose a little bit with her character since Nobbs has to show off masculinity in the hotel. Of course Close wasn’t alone throughout the entire film, her love interest Helen, Mia Wasikowska, did a pretty good job. Janet McTeerBrendan Gleeson and Aaron Johnson also all did excellent jobs in their own respect.

Unfortunately, even with the casting doing an excellent job, especially Close as Albert Nobbs, I still felt like the characters themselves were too distant in the script. We weren’t given enough information on Albert Nobbs to really get an opinion on him. Of course we knew he was an outstanding butler and everyone loved him and that he wanted to own his own store someday. However I didn’t really feel like I was able to connect with him. It was the same with all of the other characters as well. In simple terms it seemed like the characters were out of touch.

The entire time I was sitting there watching the film I was contemplating why certain things were presented the way they were. I felt like the film dragged on throughout the middle of it and it seemed that some of the scenes were not needed. If they were to have cut down the film length it might have helped but it had me checking my watch to see how much time had passed.

All in all, I feel as if Albert Nobbs was intended for a certain purpose. I feel as though it represents a certain social issue that is present in our current day. It has multiple different themes going on throughout the entire film and the texture is sometimes a sight to see just like the acting. However I feel like the way it was presented was a bit too dry. The length (granted it was only 1 hour 53 minutes) felt like it was three hours to me. It honestly felt like it just dragged on and on. Which is obviously never a good thing. Even though the acting was great, it wasn’t good enough to save Albert Nobbs from falling into my category of bore-fest. If you want to watch a movie about a 19th century cross-dresser that has some pretty good acting this is the movie for you however just be warned that it is definitely a slow paced film.

Albert Nobbs – 5.5/10

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