Average Joe Review: Get Hard


There isn’t much explanation needed for what the movie Get Hard is about. Get Hard  is a Will Ferrell comedy about a massively successful stock broker, James King (Will Ferrell), who has been convicted of tax evasion and has been sentenced to serve a 10-year sentence in San Quentin Maximum Security Prison. He is notably nervous about the experience and he wants to prepare for it, so he turns to the owner of a car wash facility, Darnell Lewis (Kevin Hart), to help. Darnell is by no means a criminal, but will play the part so that he can send his daughter to private school. From there, the movie is exactly what you would expect out of a Will Ferrell comedy. The characters find themselves in ridiculous situations, there will be slight character development, and there will a few insanely quotable lines spewing from the mouth of Will Ferrell.

All in all, this is not the best Will Ferrell movie and that is mostly because Kevin Hart steals the show. Will Ferrell’s character is a pretty bland one, he has quite a few ridiculous quotes and is the driver of the movie, but the quotes will fade from memory over time and you are left with a pretty forgettable character. Before the movie I wasn’t a huge Kevin Hart fan, and I am still not so much, but his over-the-top facial expressions actually worked out well for his character. Kevin Hart’s character also seems to have the most interesting story and character, whereas pretty much every other character is bland.

The story is also quite flat. Even for a Will Ferrell comedy, this story is predictable and uninteresting (and I really like Will Ferrell comedies). Even though the villain is supposed to be a secret, from the first moment he arrives on screen you know who he is, what he will do, and that he won’t get away with it. It doesn’t matter what odds our hero finds himself in, in this comedy, the villain will lose. I think what helps the story line is the fact that there is little to no focus on it, the focus throughout the movies is on James King’s preparation to go to prison, which is what brought you into the theater in the first place. That preparation makes up about 90% of the movie and it is appalling and fun to watch.

So in the end, it doesn’t even matter that the story sucks. This movie falls in my “Dumb Comedy” genre and in that category, the journey is more important than the sum of its parts. Even though you will not be a better person for watching this movie, who cares, you will have a moderate amount of fun throughout it. Personally, I would wait to watch Get Hard until it comes to Netflix late this summer (that’s a guess by the way). But hey, if you need a break from life and just want to watch a ridiculous movie, Get Hard is a fine choice.



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