Aiden – Some Kind of Hate Review

Aiden has been around since 2004 and since then they have released 6 full length albums. While others make albums every three years or so, they make one bi-yearly, and hell, even two this year. It almost seems they produce albums faster than bunnies can fuck. Anyway, Some Kind of Hate is Aiden‘s sixth studio effort.

Some Kind of Hate brings you to the gritty and rocking world that is Aiden. Fueled by obvious punk influences, they take modern rock to a place it hasn’t been in a while. They alternate from more melodic modern rock with songs like

There Will Be Blood, Courage to Carry On, and In The End to some old school punk with songs like Broken Bones, Freedom From Religion, and Grotesque Vanity. They even throw in a Misfits and a Joy Division cover. Aiden sure catches the horror punk genre that the Misfits perfected and made it their own with gang vocals and catchy guitar riffs.

Aiden has had a few albums to build up their own niche. Though I have not listened to them prior to this album, they sure do have their own distinct sound. Their vocals utilize some slapback delay and heavy reverb that was very common in old punk records while the guitars are beefed up like modern rock is nowadays.

Their distinct sound is mostly in part of the band itself. Wil Francis is the lead man here whose vocals take lead in front of everything else. He really does bring a punk edge to the mix that you don’t see anymore. Then we have Nick Wiggins keeping the low thunder on bass and Angel Ibarra on guitar who ranges from fast paced palm muting to slower modern guitar riffs. Both Ibarra and Wiggins help out with backing vocals.

The rest of the elements comes from production. Francis was also in charge of production, so he had final say in how the album turned out. He definitely brought out the old school vocal processing with the delay and reverb I talked about. The final product isn’t too squashed and over compressed like most modern music today, which is a plus.

Though Some Kind of Hate is technically not a bad album, it still doesn’t merit enough interest for me to want to listen to again. I can appreciate what they put out, but I don’t personally enjoy it. That’s just me though. If you are into Misfits styled punk, this is your ticket. It doesn’t stand out, but hey, it’s something!

Some Kind of Hate – 7/10

Track Listing:

1. Broken Bones
2. There Will Be Blood
3. Irony in the Shadows
4. London Dungeon
5. Grotesque Vanity
6. Deactivate
7. Freedom From Religion
8. Transmission
9. The Courage to Carry On
10. In The End

Some Kind of Hate is available now via Victory Records

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