Ah Schucks! Red 2 Officially Announced

Last year Summit Entertainment released one of the dullest action films in recent memory. It had some huge star power with guys like Bruce Willis, Morgan Freeman and John Malkovich starring as well as Helen Mirren and Karl Urban.

Red is based on the DC comic of the same name and it was such a chore to sit through. Every joke fell flat and all of the action was held back to maintain the family friendly PG-13 rating. I was more than willing to sit through an action assassin film full of old timers as long as blood was to be spilled!

Red aged me a good ten years and now Summit Entertainment plans to suck all the life out of me with Red 2, which has an official release date of August 2nd, 2013. Yeah, we have some time before the pain feels more real, but this announcement makes my stomach turn. Do Willis, Freeman and Malkovich need the paychecks that badly? I’m sure there are a dozen more original scripts that need some attention! No one wants to see another episode of I’m old and retired, but I like to kill people! Okay, I guess people do since the first one made $199 million dollars worldwide!

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