Adam Sandler Looks Very Tired In First Image From ‘The Cobbler’

the cobbler

It looks like Adam Sandler is taking a much needed break from juvenile garbage such as Grown Ups 2 and That’s My Boy.  As we reported back in September, Sandler will be starring in The Cobbler, the latest drama from director Thomas McCarthy (The Station Agent and Win Win). The first image from the film has arrived (pictured above).

The image isn’t much, as it just shows a very tired Sandler drinking coffee, but with McCarthy behind the camera and the plot, it seems like this will be another chance for Sandler to prove that he’s actually a talented actor when he’s given a solid script and the chance to work with a talented filmmaker.

In the film, Sandler would play a shoe repairman with the ability to literally walk in other people’s shoes so he can metaphysically step into their lives for a certain period of time. Dustin Hoffman, Method Man, Melonie Diaz, Ellen Barkin, Dan Stevens, and Steve Buscemi also appear in the film.

A release date for The Cobbler hasn’t been set yet but I’m sure the film will be in theaters sometime later this year. Check back for more updates as they come our way.

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