Action Packed Third Trailer For Immortals

A third trailer has debuted for Tarsem Signh‘s swords and sandals epic, Immortals and it boasts the most action yet. The film definitely has one thing going for it at that is the visuals. With each new clip or trailer released we have been given another look at the beautiful world in which the film takes place in. I love how it almost looks like the exact opposite of Zack Snyder‘s 300. Instead of using washed out colors and heavy grain it appears that they are going with the brighter and polished look for Immortals.

I think it’s safe to say that both films have a wide array of colors and unique visuals, thanks to green screen technology and visual directors, but now it’s time to figure out if they can back up the eye candy with a good story. Snyder did a fine job telling the tale of the Spartan warriors in 300. He mixed real life events with a fantasy styled tale, complete with blood soaked violence. Although I think it is a bit over-rated, I’d still mark it as one of the better war films of the past decade.

But can Tarsem deliver with Immortals? The visuals are in order and the cast looks good. It features soon to be Superman Henry Cavill along with Mickey Rourke, Freida Pinto and John Hurt (who lends his voice in this latest trailer). I’ll be honest; I’m more worried about the MPAA rating right now than the actual story. While I hope for an interesting story unlike anything we’ve seen before, I’d be more satisfied with another blood soaked battle film. I love the visuals and I want to see epic and bloody battles on this visual stage, not a stale and boring 300 knock off.

So please MPAA, give this thing a rating so we can figure out where to set the expectations!

Immortals will be unleashed on the world in 3D on November 11th, 2011 or 11-11-11 as the ad campaign keeps showing!

Check out the trailer for Immortals below, thanks to The Film Stage.



Eons after the Gods won their mythic struggle against the Titans, a new evil threatens the land. Mad with power, King Hyperion (Mickey Rourke) has declared war against humanity. Amassing a bloodthirsty army of soldiers disfigured by his own hand, Hyperion has scorched Greece in search of the legendary Epirus Bow, a weapon of unimaginable power forged in the heavens by Ares.

Secretly chosen by Zeus, Theseus must save his people from Hyperion and his hordes. Rallying a band of fellow outsiders–including visionary priestess Phaedra (Freida Pinto) and cunning slave Stavros (Stephen Dorff) — one hero will lead the uprising, or watch his homeland fall into ruin and his Gods vanish into legend.

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