Act Of Valor Trailer

Are the Navy SEALS really low on their yearly quota? Act of Valor is the first film that stars actual Navy SEALS, in fictional situations. The camerawork looks very much like a big Hollywood production, full of sappy emotional struggles between soldiers and family with a decent amount action to help pad the landing. The trailer doesn’t really do much because there isn’t anyone recognizable here and the action is very straightforward.

The concept is interesting and I’m sure the accuracy of the tactics and stuff will be right on the ball, but I’d honestly rather watch Green Zone again. Act of Valor looks like an empty and generic war film that is less worried about engaging the audiences with a story and more focused on being one massive commercial for the Navy SEALS.

Let’s hope I’m wrong.

Act of Valor opens on February 17th, 2012.

Check out the trailer below, thanks to Yahoo Movies.


When the rescue of a kidnapped CIA operative leads to the discovery of a deadly terrorist plot against the U.S., a team of SEALs is dispatched on a worldwide manhunt. As the valiant men of Bandito Platoon race to stop a coordinated attack that could kill and wound thousands of American civilians, they must balance their commitment to country, team and their families back home.

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