About Us

Here at The Daily Rotation, our mission is to build award-winning content and a community that’s just as obsessed with media as we are. Don’t apologize for it, embrace it, we get it. Since our inception in 2011, TDR has grown dramatically to expand our scope and influence on the web. All the content we provide is free, and we aim to keep our vast audience well-informed, saving you from information overload and weeding out the things you don’t need.

We want to connect readers to opportunities. We provide original content, reviews, giveaways, contests, and other stuff that you can actually use. TDR publishes anything defined as media such as movies, music, TV, video games, and books. We also feature them all in their own special coverage sections so you’ll never get lost. You can thank us later.

We strive to share our voice with the world and oppose the failures of modern journalism, as well as the people who consistently write to get their name on a DVD cover. We’re tired of soulless and uninspired writing. We believe we provide a strong and unique take on the most exciting issues in media today, and we encourage you to call our bluff!

Our staff consists of writers, filmmakers, musicians, and people who don’t just write about what they love, but have an active role in shaping and changing the current landscape of their respective field. We go beyond keeping the reader merely informed, so if you’re tired of the same old news sites and media outlets from casual observers, The Daily Rotation is with you. Join us. We’d love to have you.