ABC Still Talking ‘Hulk’ TV Show

I know what you’re thinking.  You hear “ABCHulk…” and this is immediately what you think of.  Well, settle down, David Banner, ABC isn’t quite done with you yet.  After proving (yet again) that the Hulk character is a viable character on his own via The Avengers, there was a lot of talk about Marvel‘s plans for the Hulk property.  The films have been slapdash at best, with Ang Lee‘s 2003 Hulk film being mostly a mess with a nonsense ending, the reboot The Incredible Hulk with Edward Norton being better, but not faring much better at the box office, and now The Avengers, the biggest comic book movie of all time.

After The Avengers opened, it was rumored that Hulk could return in his own film in 2015, but at this point, no one of any importance at Marvel has made that announcement.   However, ABC had been developing a new show on the character, probably after realizing it was one of their biggest lasting hits from the 1980’s.  Hell, Lou Ferrigno is still getting roles nearly 20 years later because people so beloved that show.

Now, at their upfront, ABC has announce their intentions to make a new Hulk show, even if they haven’t made it yet:

“Hulk is in development… It wasn’t going to be ready this season but we hope it’s going to be ready for next season.” says Paul Lee, head of ABC entertainment.  What that means exactly is anyone’s guess.  Could Ruffalo be involved?  Doubtful, but not impossible, he’s not such a huge star that his salary would be ginormous.  Will he be involved?  Only time will tell…

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