Aaron Sorkin To Write Steve Jobs Film For Sony

Sony has tapped into writer Aaron Sorkin to write their Steve Jobs film that is currently without a director or star.

This project is not to be confused with the one that stars Ashton Kutcher as Jobs, although that does sound like something I’d want to see just out of curiosity.

The Sony project will be based on the book by Walter Isaacson and one can assume that with Sorkin being attached the script will be well-written and fair.

To make things interesting I’d like to know who you’d want to direct and more importantly who you’d want to play Jobs.

I’d love to see David Fincher handle the material, because the last time him and Sorkin paired up (The Social Network) we got a perfectly balanced film that benefited from Sorkin’s ability to write excellent characters and pieces of dialogue, mixed with Fincher’s very atmospheric storytelling.

As for Jobs, I have no idea!

(via Bad Ass Digest)

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