Aaron Reviews: The Star Wars Saga Worst-To-Best

In the spirit of Star Wars, Aaron has decided to give us another edition of Aaron Reviews, this time tackling all of the Star Wars movies from worst-to-best.

What I love about ranking lists is how they can vary so much, from person-to-person. It’s crazy to think that Arnie’s worst film is considered someone else’s best.

I will say that I haven’t put this much thought into my Star Wars ranking. I had a brief conversation with Aaron the other night, before watching this video and in it I shared with him my ranking, which I honestly came up with on the spot and it doesn’t surprise me that we almost see eye-to-eye yet again.

Aaron’s video down below goes into much greater thought that went into his ranking, highlighting key moments that pushed a film down or launched one up into greatness.

I think his favorite is no surprise, but I think some might be surprised with where the rest of the films landed.

Check out Aaron Reviews: The Star Wars Saga down below:


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