Aaron Reviews: ‘Terminator’ Franchise – Worst To Best

Hey folks,

One of the best things about running a movie website is that I get the chance to talk about my love for films with everyone. Sometimes, we may see eye to eye, while other times we may completely disagree on the film at hand. But one thing is for sure — movies are awesome and the magical world of cinema should be explored and enjoyed by all.

This brings me to the point of this post. My good friend Aaron has always been a lover of cinema *cough James Bond cough*, but only recently has decided that he wants to take that joy to the next level with his very own YouTube channel, which will cover weekly reviews, franchise rankings and all other sorts of fun stuff related to cinema.

I’ve had the privilege to check out a few of his unaired reviews and I must say, this channel is going to be a good one. I say this because I feel that Aaron has a strong passion and more importantly, something to say. I think that he can bring a fresh look to world of movies and reviewing them and I am excited to announce that we will be cross-partnering with each other.

Expect to see Aaron Reviews posts here on The Daily Rotation and don’t be too shocked if you see me appearing alongside Aaron for the occasional review or segment.

Aaron’s YouTube channel is newly-formed, so make sure to subscribe to him right here, and might as well check out his Twitter account while you’re at it, which can be found here.

Without further ado, Aaron Reviews the Terminator franchise, which will lead into his own review of Terminator: Dark Fate.

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