A Very Harold & Kumar 3D Christmas Review

The Harold & Kumar series is one of the most enjoyable comedy series in the past decade (because we know Van Wilder only had ONE good movie. Not that inaccurate Freshman Year bullshit). The movies have taken the stoner comedy to a whole new level. Each movie that they make gets more ridiculous and over the top. From the munchie-misadventures of the first movie to the satirical-racism of the second, Harold & Kumar have raised the bar for offensive comedies. What could they possibly push the limits of next? Why not Christmas?

It has been a few years since Harold and Kumar have really seen each other, and they have moved on after their escape from Guantanamo Bay. Well, kind of. Harold (John Cho) is a successful business man on Wall Street who has married his girlfriend Maria. Maria’s Father (played by Danny Trejo) and the rest of the family are coming to their new house to celebrate Christmas, but Mr. Perez has rather high standards when it comes to making his daughter happy and he doesn’t think Harold can live up to that. So “Roldy” dedicates his night to decorating Mr. Perez’s family Christmas tree he brought after telling the sentimental story behind it.

Meanwhile, we have Kumar (Kal Penn). Kumar has done… well, he hasn’t done much. He dated Vanessa (Danneel Ackles) for a few years until an unfortunate break up because of his lack of maturity. Since then, Kumar hasn’t done anything but sit around and smoke weed with his roommate Adrian (Amir Blumenfeld). On Christmas Eve, he gets a package left at his door addressed to Harold (who had not lived there for years). Being the nice guy he is, who also misses his good friend, he goes to deliver the package to him.

So now they are back together and catching up, one thing leads to another and bad shit starts happening when they are together. Mr. Perez’s beloved Christmas tree starts on fire and after panicking to try and put it out, they just end up throwing it out the window. Harold tells Kumar to leave and he calls his friend/bitch Todd (Thomas Lennon) to help get him another tree. Feeling bad, Kumar goes out to help find a tree, unknowingly getting the one Harold and Todd just reserved. Harold gets there minutes after and starts chasing down that damn tree.

After a car crash, Harold and Kumar end up back together once again. They decide to team up once more to go get Harold a tree. The rest of the movie plays out with lots of ridiculous shit happening from Todd’s baby getting wasted, to the resurrection of Neil Patrick Harris, to shooting mother fucking Santa Claus in the face. There are no limits in A Very Harold & Kumar 3D Christmas.

Speaking of 3D, this movie has some of the best uses of it that I have ever seen. Never have I seen 3D smoke before, but damn did it look badass. To me, it seems the gimmick movies that aim to exploit 3D rather than use it to try and add depth of a scene are better with it. I personally think it’s more entertaining to have things pop out at you and break the fourth wall like this movie does rather than just making a landscape look like it has depth (though I don’t mind it unless its post-prod 3D, then fuck you). Fantastic job on the 3D.

The rest of the movie is oh-so entertaining. If the hilarious jokes and gags don’t get you, maybe the cast will; with your returning stars of Kal Penn, John Cho, Neil Patrick Harris to the new stars like Thomas Lennon and Amir Blumenfeld. You’re sure to get much enjoyment out of almost any character in the movie.

I think Todd Strauss-Schulson does a great job taking this H&K movie. He has a slightly different view with it, incorporating quite a few 3D popping flashbacks (I’m not sure if other H&K‘s had flashbacks), but he kept the all-around ridiculousness and exploitive comedy that these movies bring to the table. That brings me to writers Jon Hurwitz and Hayden Schlossberg who bring us yet another great storyline. They have been with H&K since the beginning and if they do make more, I would love to see them back.

A Very Harold & Kumar 3D Christmas fits right in with the rest of the Harold & Kumar franchise. Each movie has its own different elements, but is delivered in the same hilarious fashion of crossing the line ever so slightly (and maybe even taking childhood movies and ruining it. Anyone who has seen A Christmas Story will know what I mean). This is definitely one to see, but probably not with the family. This movie is sure to bring the Christmas cheer to anyone, whether you’re stoned or not.

A Very Harold & Kumar 3D Christmas – 8.5/10

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