A Star Is Born Review

A Star is Born
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A Star is Born is a painful reflection of fame, a study of addiction and a display of what it means to be true to yourself. One of the year’s best without a doubt. Bradley Cooper writes, directs and sings with an intimate, yet powerful force and Lady Gaga reassures us that she has one of the best voices in the industry today.

Bradley Cooper remakes A Star is Born with an unmeasurable amount of force and passion, meticulously capturing a first-hand look at fame, addiction and one’s own self-worth. Cooper, alongside Lady Gaga transport their characters across pain, love and struggle through the medium of song and performance with passion and sincerity.

For those of you unfamiliar with the story, A Star is Born follows famous country singer Jack (Bradley Cooper) as he both falls for and discovers the musical talents of Ally (Lady Gaga). Almost immediately after meeting each other, the duo soon realizes how perfect they are for each other, as they speak to each other and the audiences through their music.

Jack is a singer hurdling himself towards the end of the line as he drinks himself to sleep, while also drinking himself awake. He’s had some struggles in his life and he’s chosen to ignore the pain in return for pouring his heart and soul out into his music, on the stage in front of his fans.

Ally is new to the fame, excited for all of the opportunities in front of her. She’s in love with Jack and loves that he’s helped her open doors that she never thought were possible to open, yet she’s also naive to the world of fame and fortune.

Watching the two come together is a sweet melody that never stops. But watching the two battle their own demons and confront what is most important makes for a spellbinding story of fame and addiction, swirled together.

Jack refuses to confront his demons or acknowledge that he has demons strong enough to overcome him, while Ally is afraid to truly embrace what she’s always been trying to say, instead settling for what she thinks the world wants to hear.

Watching Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga on-screen is a marvel of perfect casting and execution. Cooper produces, writes, directs and stars in A Star is Born and not a second is wasted wondering if he was the right choice.

Likewise for Lady Gaga, an already known celebrity that somehow manages to show yet another side of her that we have never seen. 

The two work well together, mixing their previous experience to make for a film that feels sincere and hits like a truck. Cooper’s acting abilities have improved and his singing isn’t too shabby for a wannabe country boy.

Gaga’s voice kills, while her acting gets by on the fact that she’s based a bulk of her performance on her own career that has led her up to this point.

The two are speaking directly from the heart and the result is a miraculous miracle on film — a true two-pack powerhouse of performances, accompanied by an instant-hit batch of songs that are all overseen by Cooper’s stable direction.

I know this is a film that has been remade before, but that doesn’t stop this version of A Star is Born from soaring high into the sky, tackling its themes with punch and purpose.

Many will say that Shallow is the breakout hit of the soundtrack, but I have found myself revisiting Maybe It’s Time over and over, because it compliments the film and its characters so much.

Cooper’s Jack is clearly ready to give up his ways and move onto the next chapter of his life, which is to settle down and be with Ally, whereas Ally is ready to give up the days of being unheard or pushed aside to wait tables to finally embrace her talents and shine as bright as a star. The only problem is that they’re both unwilling to give up on those addictions, despite what they are or where they are coming from.

A Star is Born is the type of film that will give you goosebumps because of how damn good the performances are and how well the music and story come together.

It really is one of the best films of the year.

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