‘A Quiet Place Part II’ Trailer Expands The Mythos

John Krasinski shocked us all with his horror mega-hit A Quiet Place, which managed to be an effective little thriller with legs that ended up earning Paramount Pictures tons of money.

It also showed us that Krasinski isn’t just a great actor, but also a great writer/director with vision and creativity.

Naturally, Paramount greenlit a sequel immediately following the success of the first film, which made me hesitant as A Quiet Place worked as a contained film that didn’t really need much more to be told.

Yet here we are with the first trailer for A Quiet Place Part II. I’ll be honest, I’m loving where this film is going. Starting with ground zero is perfect, allowing us to see just how these creatures became and how the world reacted initially.

It also looks to be moving forward into the future, which will further the story of Emily Blunt‘s character and her family.

A Quiet Place Part II opens in March of this year. Are you ready to return to the whisper-only zone for a few hours or has Krasinski milked the cow too far at this point?

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