‘A Quiet Place Part II’ Big Game Spot Has Been Revealed

The Super Bowl and cinema have always had a close connection over the years. Generally, big-budget blockbusters will drop a teaser/TV spot during the big game, to help build anticipation for their movie.

Sometimes, this is the first time we are given a glimpse at a film, while other times it’s the first time we are even finding out about it (The Cloverfield Paradox).

What’s confusing is when a studio releases the trailer online, before the Super Bowl, for all to see with little to no fan fare.

Case and point is Paramount dropping the Super Bowl spot for A Quiet Place Part II right here for everybody to see.

It’s a brief, yet fun little spot that features director/writer/star John Krasinski back in action.

I like that this sequel is leading us up to the events of the first film, instead of simply rehashing what went down the first time.

Are you excited for the film? What did you think of the Super Bowl spot?

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