A Pablo Escobar Biopic Finally Happening?

Seemingly, the mega-disaster that was Medellin on HBO’s Entourage still has industry suits scared, because the numerous books and properties about him have fluttered and come to nothing so far, with the notable Joe Carnahan (Narc) trying to get two different versions of the story made, and failing at both (although he did do other studio gigs instead, so don’t cry too hard for him).

Today THR is reporting that The Lincoln Lawyer director Brad Furman now has a version in the works, from a script by Matt Aldrich who became a hot writing name earlier in the year.  Furman will stick with Scott Steindorff, his Lincoln Lawyer producer.  I was very impressed with how Furman handled directing duties on The Lincoln Lawyer, and being a big Michael Connelly fan, my expectations were high and he knocked them out of the park.

This will apparently be a fresh take on the life of Escobar, with the other properties remaining optioned where they were previously.  The writers and director say they want to make it more “The Latino Godfather”, which is what I think anyone would want to do with the story.

There is a lot of drama to be mined here, can Aldrich bring a proper script?  We know Steindorff and Furman can produce a well made hit if they can find the right script and cast.  In a joke statement, Furman said:

I can’t wait to work with Vincent Chase.”


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