A ‘Medieval Times’ Movie in the Works?

Medieval Times

Remember that scene in The Cable Guy where Jim Carrey and Matthew Broderick go Medieval Times, the medieval themed restaurant where guests have meals brought to them as they watch entertainers joust? I just learned that fucking place is real!

But this isn’t about my ability to live underneath a rock, or the fact that there is a fucking restaurant out there where they bring you a turkey leg as you sit on your ass and watch people joust for your entertainment. Fuck yeah! Let me put on my sandals, baggy cargo shorts, fedora, and trim my neckbeard. We feast like euphoric kings tonight.

Why am I writing about a badass restaurant? Because production companies Broken Road and Benderspink have teamed up with the restaurant chain to possibly pitch a movie version of the restaurant.

Have all of my wats.

I don’t know what this means yet, or what to expect, but shit is happening. Prepare thy sphincters, for doth now ye wait, but patient shall the noble lord be and good shall shine thy light upon thee. What?

I cant wait for Applebee’s the movie.

Source : Badass Digest

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