A Look At The White Board From Cabin In The Woods (SPOILERS!)

Hopefully you’ve seen the movie before clicking into this post, because the image featured below is kind of a big spoiler from Drew Goddard‘s impressively fresh and original horror film The Cabin in the Woods. My review couldn’t be any clearer on just how much I enjoyed the film. Since posting that I’ve seen the film a second time and am already planning a third (and probably fourth) viewing. It’s just that good and it NEEDS to be seen, so disregard some of the traditional trailers and take the risk, because you’ll be thanking me in the long run.



Anyways, the image above (provided by Bad Ass Digest) is from the new book Cabin in the Woods: The Official Visual Companion, which I should be receiving shortly with a review to follow. It gives us a better look at the infamous white board that Richard Jenkins and Bradley Whitford are seen standing next to and it’s so damn epic!

There are so many creatures and evils on there that it almost makes me want to beg for a sequel/prequel/continuation in some media form. I’d love to find out a little more about what Goddard (and co-writer Joss Whedon) had in mind when shooting the film.

To make things interesting, what’s your favorite creature featured in the film? Mine is a tossup between the unicorn and the robot thing with the blades.


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