A Good Day To Die Hard To Be Rated R


John Moore‘s A Good Day to Die Hard has looked like nothing more than another cash-in on a popular actor (Bruce Willis) and even more popular action franchise (Die Hard). The action looks big and silly and probably like a lot of fun, but nothing really screams that the film even needs to exist.

I’ll admit that I was slightly looking forward to seeing it, because I’m a big fan of popcorn blockbusters, but what had me most turned off was the idea that this film would follow the fourth and get tagged with a PG-13 rating. The Die Hard franchise belongs in the R-rated category and nothing about PG-13 works for the series.

We’ve now got word that the film will be rated R. I hope this comes true, because it would honestly give me a little more hope for the film. Is Moore and company hiding all of the bloody reveals and shoot-outs and curse-bombs in the boring and safe trailers they’ve been releasing?

A Good Day to Die Hard opens next month on February 14th, 2013.

Watch a trailer below:

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Source : Collider

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