A Director’s Cut Of The Dark Knight Rises Might Be Coming To Blu-Ray

Christopher Nolan has never released a director’s cut on home video and most assumed that was going to continue with the upcoming Blu-ray release of his third Batman film The Dark Knight Rises. Nolan doesn’t usually even do audio commentaries or deleted scenes for his Blu-ray releases, so why would The Dark Knight Rises be any different?

Well, the length of the film is rather long and enduring and it just so happens to be the maximum limit for an IMAX film. Nuke The Fridge has started up a rumor that claims that The Dark Knight Rises will be Nolan’s first ever director’s cut, when the film releases on Blu-ray later this year.

This newly discussed cut will have more footage of Bane and his origins and it should run an extra 30 minutes.

I’m not sure if I completely buy into it just yet, but I could plausibly see Nolan giving us an extra-special director’s cut for arguably his biggest movie yet. If the technical specs of shooting on IMAX held him back from presenting everything he wanted then why not give it to us on the home video rebound?

I’m not sure if I need a director’s cut of an already long and almost perfect movie, but I’d certainly watch it anyways.

How about you?

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