A Concept Look At The iPhone 7

Of course, there are things people want to see on their phones and ways people want their phone to be but this doesn’t necessarily mean that any of that will be considered in the new generation of phones. However the folks over at German website Computer-Bild have released what they want the iPhone 7 to look like.

Those that are acquainted with Apple products know that the Apple logo on MacBooks (besides the new one) glow. Well this new concept iPhone 7 is the first of its kind with the same feature.

This concept seems more realistic than most considering it looks relatively comparable to the iPhone 6. The phone screen stretches out to the edge of the device, which would be a great addition to the next gen iPhone. Just like the current iPhone, the home button doubles as a fingerprint scanner but it’s included in the screen.

I love my iPhone but of course there are always things that I think they should change. I would love to see some of these changes that are presented here, to include the glowing Apple logo. Let us know what you think should be integrated into the next gen iPhone in the comments below.

Source: Computer-Bild

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