50 Shades Of Grey Film To Be Rated NC-17?


If you’re a female reader chances are high that you already own a copy of E.L. James50 Shades of Grey or that you at least know of its existence and powerful impact on the society that we live in. Maybe that last bit was too far, but we do live in a world where film adaptations of trash like Twilight or The Hunger Games actually makes money.

Universal, the studio that purchased the film rights for the book for $5 million, is apparently not afraid to take this kinky film into deeply sexual territories. What do I mean by that? The dreaded NC-17 rating. For those that aren’t well-versed in the world of the MPAA and film ratings I’ll simply describe NC-17 as controversial, if not sort of pointless.

It’s meant for films that are too extreme for R, but still want to get an official rating. I’m not sure why that is, because most national theater chains refuse to play NC-17-rated films and the independent chains aren’t afraid to just release them as Unrated, which would bypass the entire NC-17 debate.

What makes this so interesting is that 50 Shades of Grey is a hot property that Universal stands to make a lot of money on. Will they stick to their guns and release this thing, balls-swinging (I laughed!) and without a cut or will they meet the middleman and drop it to an R?

I honestly don’t care, but I am interested in seeing what (if any) impact this will have on the MPAA, studios or the NC-17 rating in general.

Here’s a quote from the screenwriter:

This isn’t going to be Twilight. It’s going to be raunchy‚Ķ We are 100% going there.

Source : Yahoo!


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