5 Reasons Why Ben Affleck Is The Perfect Director For The Batman

Ben Affleck is going to be playing Batman in WB’s upcoming Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, which is being directed by Watchmen/300/Man of Steel director Zack Snyder.

But there’s also strong rumors that suggest that Ben Affleck will direct a solo Batman film due for 2018 titled The Batman and that he’ll be bringing Argo screenwriter Chris Terrio with him to write the script.

That’s huge news for Batman fans and WB’s Justice League followers and this news should be taken in a positive matter. This could blow up WB’s DC cinematic universe in a very big way.

Below I’ve outlined five quick reasons as to why I think Ben Affleck is the perfect choice for directing The Batman, even though I’ve yet to watch an actual piece of coherent footage of him playing Batman in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.

He’s A Great Crime Director


Ben Affleck might not be everyone’s favorite actor (see Daredevil. Actually don’t. I’m kidding. That movie is bad.), but the man has definitely matured and progressed substantially behind the lens as a writer and director. Gone Baby Gone remains his best directed feature yet, but The Town is by far his largest and most impressive.

I’m going to totally ignore Argo, because I find that film to be rather dull and boring, which leads me again back to The Town and how Affleck successfully managed to capture such a large story in a rather intricate and small scope.

The Town isn’t just about bank robbing. It’s also not just about family and how blood ties can sometimes hold someone back from becoming the person that they’re truly meant to be.

The Town is about decisions and learning to stick with them for the rest of your life. Ben Affleck shows this mainly with his character, but it’s also about Jeremy Renner‘s character too.

Both present polar opposite characters and directions, yet both are basically the same thing, only one’s wrapped in such a hard skeleton of hate and anger while the other one is trying so desperately to breakout of that hardened shell.

Ben Affleck‘s direction on The Town is great. It’s dark and honest and street-level, yet it still feels every bit as big and grand as any other big budget studio pic. It actually most reminds me of Heat and The Dark Knight, which is perfect if Affleck ends up directing the next solo Batman film.

He Has Pull With Warner Bros.


Affleck has been working with WB for quite some time now, earning Oscar recognition with Argo and making decent coin with The Town. I know it may sound dumb, but his positive and strong relationship with WB could mean a more untouched vision for his next film, which might just be The Batman.

His Batman Is Going To Be Different


Zack Snyder, Ben Affleck and WB are doing their best to separate this version of Batman from Christopher Nolan and Christian Bale‘s The Dark Knight trilogy. They’re doing this in a more obvious matter with a costume and Batmobile change, but also by approaching Bruce Wayne as an aged caped-crusader that’s been doing the whole Batman thing for quite some time.

I like the idea of an older and more tough Batman taking place of the typical origins story.

Hopefully this means that the comparisons with Nolan/Bale’s take will be kept to a minimum and hopefully this will give the character a renewed look and feel that can be carried over well into a solo film.

He’s Bringing Chris Terrio With Him


This one may not seem like the most important, but when guys like David S. Goyer are in charge of writing your superhero movies then perhaps it’ll be a good thing to have Oscar-winning writer Chris Terrio on your side for the next screenplay.

Having Terrio on board could at least guarantee us a more centralized vision of the character. The two have worked together in the past and have continued to do so with success under their belts, which at the very least means that The Batman should be a coherent and stable vision from start-to-finish, minus any studio-forced interference that will more than likely happen.

That also hopefully means that proper things will be fleshed out in the script. I’m talking about important things like characters and intertwined stories versus the action sequences and set pieces. Oscar caliber directors and writers doesn’t necessarily mean perfect quality, but that tends to balance the odds a bit more.

He’s Great At Exposing Character Flaws


Batman is without a doubt one of the most flawed comic book characters alive. He’s constantly living with the death of his parents and the feeling of emptiness as he tries to clean up a city that he loves so much.

He’s constantly forced with decisions that could ultimately end up leading him down a darker path than he set out for.

He’s a complex character with lots of flaws and Affleck has been working with flaw-heavy characters ever since he started making films.

Casey Affleck’s character from Gone Baby Gone faces some of the most difficult decisions imaginable towards the end of that film, while Ben Affleck‘s own character in The Town ends up colliding with his own past as he tries creating a new future for himself and those around him.

All of Affleck’s movies focus on one main character that’s constantly battling past demons or ways of life that he once left behind and knowing that Affleck could be bringing that same level of focus and quality to a character as iconic as Batman puts a smile on my face.

Those are just five reasons that I came up with after learning about the possibility of Ben Affleck directing The Batman with Chris Terrio writing. I’m sure you can come up with more and if so then feel free to sound off below in the comments section.

Are you excited for The Batman? Do you think Ben Affleck is the right man for the director’s chair?

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