5 Reasons Why Marvel Should Reboot Daredevil ASAP

The internet has been in a frenzy over the past few weeks as director Joe Carnahan (The Grey) both announced his involvement with the Fox-produced Daredevil reboot and then confirmed its untimely death. The clock was ticking and he only had until October 10th to get the ball rolling, which just wasn’t enough time for Carnahan or Fox. At the time of writing this Marvel is expected to acquire the character rights and with that comes the likeliness that they’ll lock the character away with Blade and The Punisher until they find good use of these Marvel Knights. I’m here to tell you why Marvel needs to reboot Daredevil as soon as possible, because it could benefit them highly!

My list is meant to be read for fun and not taken seriously. I understand that some of the things I say are just me wishfully thinking and not being practical, which is fine, because the idea of Marvel even thinking about rebooting Daredevil within the next year or two isn’t all that probable. So read below and see what one fan of the character thinks Marvel should do to help increase awareness and make lots of money!

5. There’s No More Batman

If we want to talk about dark, gritty and real superhero films then we cannot leave out Christopher Nolan‘s Batman films. The Dark Knight broke the mold for comic-book movies and The Dark Knight Rises went on to show us that Nolan wasn’t a one-hit wonder (or two-hitter depending on your stance with Batman Begins) with the caped crusader. Nolan successfully managed to be faithful to the dark origins of the character while adding his own story and underlying themes. Daredevil isn’t exactly as popular as Batman, but he’s naturally a dark character that lives in a more violent world.

Warner Brothers is currently without another Nolan Batman film and while there’s talk of a Justice League movie, I doubt we’ll see anything for a couple of years, which means a new Batman (reboot or sequel) isn’t going to be happening for at least 4 years. A Daredevil reboot could use this to its advantage, because the movie-watching world won’t be sick of adult-oriented superhero films when they’re currently getting ready for the family-friendly Avengers sequel as well as Thor 2 and Captain America 2.

The only real contender that might pose a threat is Zack Snyder‘s Man of Steel, but Superman is such a household name that the comparison doesn’t really even seem fair.

4. Comic Book Movies Are REALLY Popular Right Now

The blow back hasn’t happened yet. Audiences will eventually get sick of comic book movies and it’s only a matter of time. Things are at an all-time high in both box office grosses and popularity, but don’t let that fool you. Batman’s golden days are over and The Avengers is now taking the heavyweight title for a spin. I’d like to think that everyone will be this optimistic after Avengers 2, Iron Man 3, Thor 2 and Captain America 2, but I’m willing to bet that at least one of those is going to poison the water and stink things up for the rest of the comic book world.

Marvel needs to take advantage of the massive appeal that comic book movies have right now. People are getting excited for an Ant-Man movie for goodness sake, which means it shouldn’t be too hard to sell them on a character that has already been previously established.

3. Create A New Universe

Marvel is currently working on Phase 2 of their planned universe of films, which means now might just be the time to create another universe that can exist on its own. I’m talking about a Marvel Knights universe that would feature the likes of Daredevil, The Punisher and maybe even Blade. Once Daredevil returns to Marvel they will then officially own all three characters. All three characters are centered in a darker world that contains more violence and realism than any of the other current Marvel films in production, so why not start with a clean slate and tie them all together?

A Daredevil film could feature The Punisher, which could lead to interest for his own solo film (again?) and you could somehow sprinkle in Blade. I’m sure there are a dozen other less recognized characters from the Knights world that could get tossed into the mix. Having a Marvel universe coexist with a Marvel Knights universe would guarantee profits from kids, young adults and adults. All the bases would be covered and you’d never have to fear Marvel possibly watering down some of these darker characters to appeal in their current universe.

2. Joe Carnahan’s Sizzle Reel

Joe Carnahan recently released a sizzle reel (see above) that he made to present his idea for a Daredevil reboot and it was met with positive reactions from fans across the globe. People are riding high on Daredevil right now and the trigger needs to be pulled before he fades into the shadows. Carnahan is obviously still interested in the character, so what is stopping Marvel from scooping him up after Fox couldn’t strike a deal?

The only hard part would be Carnahan having to convince Disney/Marvel to let him make his NC-17 or R-rated Daredevil film that was presented in the sizzle reel.

1. The Avengers 2 Tie-In

When all else fails they could at least tie-in Daredevil with The Avengers 2. How sweet would it be if our team of the world’s toughest superheroes end up in court and lawyer Matt Murdock comes to their rescue? This cameo could lead to an extensive role or a follow-up of sorts, but the important part is that Daredevil would at least be established in the Marvel world on film.

I know this next part is a little out there, but Daredevil is known for working with Spider-Man right? Wouldn’t it be awesome if Marvel and Sony struck a deal where Spider-Man would briefly appear in The Avengers 2 in exchange for Daredevil helping him out in The Amazing Spider-Man 2 or 3? That way both companies would make boat loads of cash and help the greater good of the universe.

In the end I’m just some bitter comic book fan that wants to see proper adaptations of some of the darker and edgier characters in the Marvel world. I like Thor and the rest of the Avengers, but I’ve always leaned more towards the violent content that is found in stuff like Watchmen, Daredevil, Punisher, Blade and even some Jonah Hex.

I really hope Marvel doesn’t sit on these characters for too long, because the more dust they collect only increases the chances of Marvel watering down the characters to fit into the current universe. I want faithful projects that stem from the basic passion and want to bring these characters to screen again, not films that are only existing to help keep their flagship franchise The Avengers going.

The ball is in Marvel’s court and I for one am more worried than excited for the fate of Daredevil and his other outcast friends.

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