5 Reasons ‘La La Land’ Is Set To Win A Record Number of Oscars

Anyone who has taken a trip to the cinema recently to see the critically acclaimed movie La La Land will agree that it is a very touching story that presents the difficulties of pursuing your dreams until the very end. As predicted, it has earned many well deserved Oscar nominations and rumours suggest that it is about to break the record for the most Oscars won ever. Here are 5 reasons why this could be a dream come true for the film according to bwin.


5. It won more awards than the current record holders at the Golden Globes
The current record holders at the Oscars: Ben Hur, Titanic and Return of The King were only able to pick between 3 and 4 awards each at the Golden Globes whereas La La Land managed to earn an impressive 7 awards. This shows the film’s popularity in comparison to the record holders.


4. They won all the right awards at the Golden Globes

Another hint of La La Land’s potential success at the Oscars comes from the actual awards they won at the Golden Globes. History shows that the Golden Globes that lead to the greatest amount of Oscar wins are: best actress, best screenplay, best supporting actor, best director and best actor. You won’t be surprised to know that La La Land won all of these awards apart from best supporting actor which puts them in a very good position leading up to the Oscars this weekend.


3. It’s tipped to win most of the right awards at the Oscars

There are 8 awards that all three of the record holders have won and La La Land is odds on to win 7 of them. These awards include: best picture, best director, best original score, best sound mixing, best production design, best costume design and best film editing. There is only one award that it’s not favourite to win currently and that is best visual effects. However, the film is not particularly heavy on visual effects so its easy to see the reasoning behind that one.


2. Young directors have won in the past

Although directors who are aged 40-49 have won the most Oscars in the past, data shows that there have still been 19 winners aged between 30-39 so there’s no reason why that can’t happen again. At just 32, Damien Chazelle would become the youngest winner ever if he was to pick up that prestigious award this weekend.


1. It won’t matter if the actors miss out

Data shows that the record holders didn’t win many of the acting awards, particularly Return of the King which didn’t win any at all. Despite this, it still went on to win 11 awards in total. Titanic and Ben Hur received 2 acting awards each and La La Land is currently also nominated for 2; best actor and best actress.


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