5 Films To Look Forward To In May (2013)


April is almost done and gone. The world of film hasn’t really moved much over the past month, with most of my most-anticipated films turning out as stinkers. I was really looking forward to Evil Dead and To the Wonder and yet both managed to disappoint me. But I haven’t given up hope just yet. May is on the horizon and there’s even more promising titles on the way. Here’s my breakdown of five films that are coming out in May that I believe you should look forward to.

Before we break into the list I figured it would be best to leave you my April list:

5 Films to Look Forward to in April

Also, a little bit of context for May. For years May has been the month that leads into the summer blockbuster season. Studios used to sprinkle a few big titles in May, but would hold onto the money-makers for June or July. But that’s all sort of changed now. Studios are instead treating May as the summer season, often releasing giant money-makers around this time, while still pumping out medium-budgeted affairs.

May is now fair game when it comes to kicking off the summer, so don’t be surprised if the weekend box office charts start blowing up and more and more movies start sticking around. This May is looking explosive in terms of good-looking films and ones that will surely make loads of money.

Below I’ve outlined five movies that I’m personally looking forward to the most, based on past experiences and the footage that we’ve seen so far.

I’ve also included a list below of films that didn’t quite make my top five list, but are still worth briefly noting.


The IcemanMichael Shannon stars as one of the most iconic hired hitmen of all-time. This film has had a long road since production, dropping Benicio Del Toro at one point and gaining Chris Evans, Ray Liotta and James Franco. It looks like a strong character piece that will probably work mostly because of Shannon’s performance, but I wouldn’t be surprised if it turned out to be a rather predictable low-budget gangster flick.

Frances HaNoah Baumbach re-teams with his Greenberg actress Greta Gerwig for another charming-looking look at the life of one troubled character. I really enjoyed Greenberg, especially Gerwig’s performance in it, but the first trailer for Frances Ha left me with a feeling of disconnect. I hope the film turns out to be another impressive character study that features Baumbach’s honest storytelling and Gerwig’s always adorable smile.

Before Midnight – I loved Before Sunset and Before Sunrise, which leads me to believe that I’ll love Richard Linklater‘s Before Midnight, but sequels are tricky business and no man is perfect.

The Purge – Not really looking forward to this one, but I’m always in the mood for a high-concept horror/sci-fi hybrid, plus Ethan Hawke has been on a roll lately and I’d love to see that continue.

Those films all sound like they could be decent, but I’m not fully counting on them to blow up either. Below is my list of five films to look forward to in May.

5. The Hangover Part III


I know. You probably think that I’m completely crazy. I’ve openly discussed my hatred for The Hangover and The Hangover Part II, yet I fully believe that Todd Phillips has learned his lesson with the third and final outing. I think he’s finally going to expose his balls as an R-rated comedy director and give us that darkness that he’s only hinted at in the first two films.

Plus, if the film does end up sucking then at least we can rest knowing that it is the conclusion and that we won’t have to witness anymore of these damn films.

Check out the latest trailer below:

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4. Star Trek Into Darkness


I haven’t been all too excited for J.J. AbramsStar Trek Into Darkness and I just don’t know why that is. I liked Star Trek and I generally like Abrams’ work, but somewhere after Super 8 and all of the Star Wars: Episode VII stuff I just lost interest in anything that his name is attached too, plus the whole secrecy surrounding Benedict Cumberbatch‘s character has turned me away. Hopefully Into Darkness gives us enough sci-fi action and adventure to hold us over until something better comes out a few weeks later.


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3. The Great Gatsby


Baz Luhrmann is a visionary without a doubt. If anyone can do The Great Gatsby justice it is most certainly him. Especially in 3D. But the film has been delayed and that doesn’t sit well with me. I’m hoping that it was all for reasons beyond his filmmaking abilities, but something tells me that there’s something hidden in The Great Gatsby that turned the studios off in a big way. All of the trailers and posters released so far have led me to believe otherwise, so I’ll remain as optimistic as possible until I see it for myself.


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2. Iron Man 3


Another surprise coming from me. I openly admit that I believe that Iron Man is one of Marvel’s worst comic book movies. I actually thought the sequel worked a little better, despite still being mostly a piece of garbage. I just can’t stand the character and I believe that Iron Man is one of the most boring members of The Avengers. Yet I cannot wait for Iron Man 3, because I believe that Robert Downey Jr. works so much better with Shane Black than anyone else.

It looks like Black has finally found that drama that this lightly comedic series has been desperately missing and now that The Avengers is out of the way we can get back to focusing on Tony Stark and not S.H.I.E.L.D.


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1. Fast & Furious 6


Two years ago I would never admit to looking forward to a Fast & Furious film. I’ve never cared for the series, often siding with 2 Fast 2 Furious as my personal favorite, despite everyone else claiming that as the worst one. But then I saw Fast Five and suddenly the series was full of life and action again. Director Justin Lin took the racing-focused films and injected a heist setting and mixed it with more big names, raising the stakes and quality.

I believe that Fast & Furious 6 will show us just how good of a filmmaker Lin is. If it sucks then perhaps Five was a fluke, but if it turns out to be as good as it looks then we’ll be begging for Universal to renegotiate with him to return in some manner for the seventh film, since James Wan is already confirmed as the director.


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That’s my list and I’m sticking to it. The funny thing about this May is that I’m looking forward to a good chunk of films, but I’m not really anticipating them. There’s so much flooding the market at this point, causing me to actually forget about films entirely.

I’m excited to check out Fast & Furious 6, but I’m not counting down the days like I am for Man of Steel or Pacific Rim. I think Iron Man 3 looks like a step in the right direction, but I won’t be too bummed out if it turns out as bad as the first two films.

May is up in the air at this point, with not one single film looking like a sure thing. Fast & Furious 6 seems to be the safest bet, but if we’ve learned anything over the years it’s that action is a lot harder to get right than you think. The more promising a film looks the more I begin to worry for the eventual outcome.

What is your most anticipated film of May? Anything sticking out as something you just have to see on the big screen or are you holding out for June and July’s batch of films?

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