2013 MSP International Film Fest Kicks Off This Week! April 11-28th


One of the biggest and best film festivals in Minnesota is hands down the Minneapolis St. Paul International Film Festival. I’ve had the pleasure of attending the fest over the past couple years, seeing a wide variety of well-known and relatively small films. One of my biggest highlights was attending a Q & A with director Duncan Jones and seeing his fantastic sci-fi film Moon before it played in most cinemas.

The fest is also a great way to do some networking with fellow movie-lovers. Lots and lots of people show up for this fest and it’s a great way to spend a slow afternoon or a busy weekend. Conversing and mingling with fellow film fans and even filmmakers is such a fun experience and I encourage you all to seek out at least one film at the fest this year.

This year the fest is looking pretty damn good, with titles such as The East, Disconnect, The Kings of Summer and Mud headlining, plus dozens of documentaries, MN-made films, shorts, full-length features, music videos, animated films, foreign films and much more. There’s literally a film (or five) for everyone.

Things will get going on April 11th, with The Angels’ Share showing as the fest’s opener and then the fest will continue to play all day and every day until it concludes on the 28th. There’s going to be over 200 films playing from over 60 countries around the world.

If you consider yourself a film fan at all then you’ll really want to stop by for at least one film and possibly an after party. The festival is being held at the St. Anthony Main Theatre, which is on 115 SE Main Street in Minneapolis.

You can purchase tickets (individual, package or festival passes available) by clicking right here or click here to download the official guide so that you can plan out which films to see and when.

The official site also has more information in regards to lodging, food discounts and many more awesome perks for festival attendees.

Make sure to follow the fest on Facebook or Twitter and make sure to use the hashtag #MSPFest13 when tweeting about your experience!

I’m going to try my hardest to attend more films this year than any other, which means you might run into me if you plan on attending the fest. Feel free to tweet at me on Twitter (@MinimeJer05) during the fest if you plan on attending. I’d love to get a group together with viewers of the site or just some strangers that happen to be walking by.

Here’s a trailer for the fest:

Do you plan on attending this year? If so, which films are you most excited for? Make sure to drop a comment down below!

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