2 TV Spots For A Good Day To Die Hard


Those of you waiting patiently for new footage from John Moore‘s upcoming A Good Day to Die Hard can rejoice, because today we have two brief TV spots that feature bits and pieces of new material. Most of the spots consist of that same massive car explosion and some random lady wearing tight black leather undressing herself that we’ve already seen a dozen times. But if you pay attention you’ll notice a few seconds of new footage!

Then there’s the father son exchange between Bruce Willis and Jai Courtney.

I’m not going to lie when I say that I am slightly looking forward to this one, if only to see if Moore can top Len Wiseman. The last Die Hard was a far cry from the original trilogy. It took the series in the PG-13 direction and I’m almost positive this new one will be PG-13 too, but at least it looks like it’s fully accepting that the John McClane we know is dead and gone.

Hopefully the film is at the very least a mindless, but entertaining romp. Or else it’ll suck and we can just move on.

A Good Day to Die Hard opens on February 14th, 2013.

Watch the TV spots below:

Source : First Showing

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