2 Teaser Posters For Men In Black 3

Don’t worry people, Men in Black 3 is still coming! The film has been bouncing back and forth between script rewrites and other complications because they started filming with an incomplete script. The plot isn’t even a for sure thing at this point. At one point in time the film followed Agent J (Will Smith) as he traveled back in time to meet a younger Agent K (John Brolin) and help prevent some end of the world disaster. That plot sounds fine and dandy, but it’s neither confirmed nor scrapped.

Josh Brolin is still listed as being in the film, so I’d assume they can’t toss out the time travel element without getting rid of him. Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones are seen in the posters below, so you know their confirmed to be in the film.

Men in Black 3 opens in 3D on May 25th, 2012, whether we want it or not. Check out the two new viral posters below, thanks to Collider.

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