10 Things To Know About Resident Evil: Retribution

Director Paul W.S. Anderson is busy promoting his upcoming adaptation of The Three Musketeers as well as his follow up film, Resident Evil: Retribution. Anderson directed both the first Resident Evil film and the last one, which was titled Afterlife. He will be returning for another round in the director’s chair with his star Milla Jovovich returning as Alice, the bad ass zombie slayer. Collider had a chance to talk with Anderson about Retribution and they managed to find out 10 things that are worth knowing for the newest Resident Evil film. Check them out below:

  • RE:5 starts filming in Toronto in a week.
  • Anderson lent heavily on the video games for inspiration for Retribution, just as they did with the previous films.
  • They’re bringing in the Las Plagas parasite from the games for Retribution. It will allow the undead to “run around, ride motorbikes, and shoot machine guns.”
  • They’re recreating an action set-piece from the fifth video game where the characters are driving in a Hummer while being chased by zombies. Anderson changed the vehicle to a Rolls Royce Phantom.
  • They had to tear apart and rebuild the Phantom with roll-bars and such in order to shoot the chase scene.
  • Responding to criticisms that the film franchise has become too action-heavy while sidelining the horror, Anderson said the games have followed the same trajectory, leading to some phenomenal action sequences. He praises the franchise for consistently changing things up.
  • When decided which new characters to include in Retribution, Anderson and Milla Jovovich listened to the fanbase. They settled on adding Leon Kennedy, Ada Wong, and Barry Burton, who they felt where the three fan-favorites that the film franchise has yet to touch on.
  • When casting for the new characters, they tried their best to get people that looked as much like the game characters as possible.
  • Retribution takes place in Tokyo, Moscow, and North America. They’re filming in all three locations.
  • When Anderson signed on for the first film, he flew to Osaka and spent three days at Capcom explaining his vision and having a dialogue with the game creators.
  • Anderson says the relationship between the films and Capcom is symbiotic. They look at the scripts and give notes, and sometimes the Anderson and the people working on the film franchise will change things because of the comments.

While that list sounds good I’m still not really that interested in yet another Resident Evil film. The first one was an above average horror film that I thought worked mainly due to its underground setting, but the second and third films were very generic action flicks. The fourth one was a step in the right direction with use of actual 3D cameras, but I can’t really call it a great film. I don’t like the shift from horror to action because it makes the series feel more generic. One thing the fourth film did wrong was the overuse of the slow motion shot. Every action sequence was slowed down and full of characters wearing flashy leather outfits, which really felt like a rip off of The Matrix films.

I use to enjoy the Resident Evil films because they were decent zombie flicks that were mostly horror but tossed in some action, but now it looks like the horror is no more and the action is front and center. Maybe I’m just bitter?

What are your thoughts on the series? Do you like the shift in genres or do you prefer the original horror angle?

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