The Bunny The Bear “The Stomach for It” Review

  • Hockeydude328


  • Galileo

    Your opinion is very nice but that’s all it is. Sigh …. if music was bad then why are people listening to them? I think the Beatles are horrible but why are they dubbed as the best musical band in history? P.s I am a 24 year old programmer that is doing Tough Mudder in a few months so I am not their target ” High School” crowd.

    • pwwilly

      I am not big on The Beatles as well, but I really do appreciate what they have done for rock and pop. They paved the way and inspired the bands that inspired the bands that inspired the bands that we listen to today.

  • Blah blah blah

    Your shitty opinion would sound much better if you turned your shitty opinion down in the mix.

    • pwwilly

      I laughed pretty hard at this, but then I read it again and thought that it didn’t makes sense. How would my shitty opinion sound better if it was down in the mix?! Then you couldn’t hear it! Can we compromise at around -20dBv?

  • HunterHellish

    I have a Decapitated shirt on right now with Exodus blasting from my stereo. I love TBTB with all my heart. Your argument is invalid.

  • pwwilly

    I appreciate all of your opinions of my opinion. But that’s truly all it will become to be. If you enjoy TBTB’s music, I am confident you will enjoy this album. This music does not speak to me. If it clicks with you, fantastic, but if I dont enjoy something I get harsh. That’s how I do negative reviews. I know it’s not the wisest way to show my disinterest, but I am passionate about my work. I am passionate about music. I am open to experimentation in genres and this simply did not click with me. It actually offended me and it shows in my review.

  • Deleriumtrigger

    Wow, a bit angry are we? It’s one thing to post negative reviews but quite another to attack an album so violently. Just for the record I am NOT an “edgy high school kid”. I’m a 35 year old mother who absolutely loves TBTB and have for over 2 years. Thankfully music is an opinion and opinions are like assholes…everybody’s got one.

  • LaZerwolfX

    I can’t help but feel that this review would be better suited for a band such as Design the Skyline rather than The Bunny The Bear. The Bear’s clean vocals are rather outstanding as his range is massive and he carries his notes very well. While the Bunny’s yells and screams waver in quality, their skill is undeniable. I think you might have gone into this review with the wrong kinda mindset because this band takes some getting used to. They aren’t in my top ten but I think this band has a lot to offer and show a lot more promise than most currently popular music acts both within their genre and out. And you can’t go attacking every person that disagrees with your review, thats just unprofessional. You are welcome to have your own opinion but theres a difference between respecting talent, even though its not your style, and just flat out vomiting hate.

    • xxposthardcorexx

      I like the bunny the bear their awesome but I agree with with this review there new album isn’t good their last album was great this one just isn’t good.

  • Random fan

    Its not fair to review an album in a genre that you don’t like. The highest you would give any great scream or even thrash band seems to be a 5/10. What the effing fuck do you expect? You aren’t reviewing One Direction you’re reviewing a pop/scream band? Of course you’re gonna hate it if you don’t seem to like any part of either genre dude. Just saying, not really your thing. I could have wrote a more informative review of the album and Im 19 years old. While its good you give an opinion, give more damn info, thats why people came here.

    • pwwilly

      I respect your opinion but the way I see it:

      Music can be universal. You can be a fan of hardcore screamo, but still find something you like about radio pop. I am open to most genres, as long as they can push something that I havent heard or something that pleases my tastes. The Bunny The Bear simply didn’t do that. I like creativity, thats what draws me out of my comfort zone for music. I would listen to any country track if it was downright creative. But TBTB to me seemed like an overdone project that has been taken to its extreme. I got into the whole pop/screamo genre a while ago, but have seen no advancements in its creativity. Only the ends of it being taken to the very extreme.

      While that’s my view of them, others may think completely differently. And thats okay. Thats what music is all about. To be interpreted in your own way.

  • -K of KB

    The whiny screaming of TBTB is just unbeatable for me but I no-doubt agree with the fact that they have WAY too many things going on at once.

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