Star Wars: Episode 1 3D Trailer

Good for you George Lucas. You’ve managed to make a few good movies and a few horrible movies. Instead of moving on with your career you’ve decided to sit and sulk. You could be delivering new science fiction films that could someday be deemed classics, but instead you’ve decided to sit and tinker with your previous films, changing and tweaking things with almost every release, pissing off the fan boys even more!

Star Wars: Episode 1 – The Phantom Menace 3D is coming to theaters on February 10th, 2012. I doubt people want to see the absolute worst Star Wars film in three dimensions, especially considering the fact that the Blu-ray release of the whole saga just came out. 3D is dying fast and re-releases of shitty films isn’t going to save it.

I actually am kind of looking forward to James Cameron‘s Titanic in 3D because I honestly enjoyed the film and I think the careful restoration will prove worthy of the third dimension, but George Lucas looks to be copying one of his colleagues with the Star Wars re-releases. At least Cameron continued to make films even though his past ones made tons of money at the box office. Avatar was no perfect film, but it proves that Cameron can still make movies!

I dare George Lucas to make a new film that has nothing to do with Star Wars or any of his previous work. I double dare him!

We’re getting off task here. Check out the trailer for Star Wars: Episode 1 – The Phantom Menace 3D below, thanks to The Film Stage.

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  • You’re right, I don’t want to see Attack of the Clones in 3D. Bring on Phantom Menace!

    • Really? I’d say skip the whole damn prequel trilogy. I’m not even that excited to see the original trilogy in 3D, I just want to see it on the big screen again.

  • Cort

    I want to see all of them in 3D, regardless. Gotta have the full story, even if some are better than others.

    • Even the greatest Star Wars film can’t hold a candle to Blade Runner or other sci-fi classics.

      • Cort

        Blade Runner might not have been possible if it not had been for Star Wars. No denying Blade Runner is a fantastic film, but in terms of greatness and influence, the three biggest modern science fiction films of all-time are probably Metropolis, 2001: A Space Odyssey, and Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope.

        • Please, just call it Star Wars. No need to tack on that dumb Episode bullshit. There are only three Star Wars films in existence.

          There also three Star Wars parody films directed by George Lucas after he realized his piggy bank was getting low from the original series.

          I don’t know, I never enjoyed the first Star Wars. Empire Strikes Back was bad ass and really an eye opener for me as a kid, but the first one really dragged.

          Come to think of it Return of the Jedi wasn’t anything too special either.

        • I was also much more impressed with Scott’s previous film to Blade Runner, Alien. That was a far superior sci-fi flick than Star Wars. Sure, made around the same time, but I’m sure Scott was in the middle of Alien while the first Wars came out.

          • Cort

            Just wanted to be specific. I’m sure “Star Wars” and Return of the Jedi don’t seem all that great now, but the reason for that is because major studios saw the success and started biting and copying and making duplicates of their own. They could never replicate anything as original as Star Wars, but they saw the potential of the science fiction genre after.

            “‘When Star Wars came out and was the extraordinary hit that it was, suddenly science fiction became the hot genre.’ O’Bannon recalled that ‘They wanted to follow through on Star Wars, and they wanted to follow through fast, and the only spaceship script they had sitting on their desk was Alien'”

            The source is this documentary:

            Even Alien was pushed because of Star Wars.

            I am by no means a fan of George Lucas going back and touching up his shit constantly, but to some artists, their work is never completed. At the very least, he could include the original release of the Star Wars movies in EVERY copy. I’m not ecstatic about 3Ding every damn movie that comes along or that ever was, but at least he’s not spending all of his time 3Ding American Graffiti (THX 1138 would be awesome though).

            I would never say that Star Wars was the best film of all time, but I certainly can say it is still enjoyable and has contributed a great amount to our culture (whether its moments were either stupid or prolific).

            I agree that Empire Strikes Back might have been the best one, but that one is also my favorite. I also agree that GL should have put out the original trilogy in 3D if he was smart. Watching 4-6 and THEN going back to watch 1-3 to fill in the blanks was one of the most fun and interesting parts about the series. I’m not hating or gushing. Just acknowledging its historical significance 😉

            We both know Star Wars wouldn’t have been possible without 2001: A Space Odyssey, Flash Gordon, and Akira Kurosawa’s Hidden Fortress anyways 🙂

          • Well played sir! The problem I have with Star Wars its just too much. I get that it “changed” the landscape, but god I can barely stomach most of them now.

            A good classic is something that should be watched yearly without problems. I can watch dozens of past films and still love the shit out of them, but with Star Wars each viewing makes it worse (minus Empire).

            And I’d rather see a 3D version of American Graffiti than Star Wars.

          • Cort

            LOL! I still love American Graffiti too. 3D would just be too pointless for a film like that. I don’t ever watch Star Wars on a yearly basis… they do kind of drag on at times (minus Empire Strikes Back).

            I’d favor a 3D THX 1138 or any Indiana Jones over the Phantom Menace.

          • The Original Trilogy is better than them both. It’s all about the expanded universe.

          • Fuck the universe. That’s like James Cameron wanting to do more Avatar films in his new “world”. Don’t need any more detail.

          • Cort

            The Star Wars franchise has some of the best video games of all time. The expanded universe is pretty damn awesome.

  • Terryesser

    Hey Writer, if you don’t want to see them, then don’t go. As for me and being a true fan, I will go see it again and again and again. George Lucas is a pure genius and there is nothing wrong with him re-releasing his movies in 3D and am more than willing to spend the money I earn to go see it in a movie theater in 3D.

    • thephantomasshole

      you, my sad dumb bastard, are what is wrong with this country. The fact you will go see the same damn movie over, and over, …and over again is the reason half the shmucks in the world can keep releasing copied pieces of shit and make money. i point out the Saw movies and WWE wrestling games as further proof the people who throw away there money on rehashed shit, are dumbasses. Hes got to be a genius though. anyone who can release the same thing over and over again and still make you drool to go see it, has to be doing something right. I love the movies, yeah all 6 of em, (except for kid anakin, god i want to strangle that fucking kid with his dumb ass look he has all movie) but i must not be a true fan since i dont repetitvely spend money on the same thing

  • Adit_03

    it’s not like he’s taking the old movies away… he’s just adding onto his vision, making it better. I really hope he re makes episode 3 completely and puts in an alternate ending to the saga, that would be amazing, preferably one where the dark side wins at the end and Anaking skywalker stayes Anakin skywalker

    • Thus eliminating Darth Vader? Why the hell would he do that?