Mortal Kombat Vs. Street Fighter Teased By Ed Boon

Ed Boon, the driving force behind such games as Mortal Kombat and, um…other Mortal Kombat titles, tweeted something very interesting to Capcom‘s community manager a few days ago. Take a look: 

Please excuse me while I go change my soiled undergarments.

Alright, I’m back. Seriously though, this game would be fucking insane. Any sort of official announcement regarding it could bring about the goddamned biblical apocalypse (in a good way). Mortal Kombat vs. Street Fighter is a game that’s been on the minds of gamers since 1992, when Mortal Kombat was first unleashed on arcades. Street Fighter II, arguably the most well-received game in its franchise, was released a year prior in 1991. The day that these two giants clash is the day that we see the mother of all “vs.” fighting games. Marvel vs. Capcom? Street Fighter X Tekken? Those aren’t shit compared to what MK vs. SF has the potential to be.

And that’s the key here. Mortal Kombat vs. Street Fighter has the potential to be something extraordinary. There are a few key things that could drag it down, such as a shitty roster (unlikely as hell) or poor game mechanics (also unlikely as hell). But the most important thing that could make or break the game is the fatalities. This is a game that has to be rated M to succeed. I’m not normally one to think that a title (game or otherwise) has to be overly violent or have a metric fuckton of naughty language to be considered great, but look at the history here. Mortal Kombat is the game that was so gruesome, it single-handedly created the ESRB. In its main series of games, it’s dipped below an M rating once, and that game was Mortal Kombat vs DC Comics, which featured fatalities that were pussified beyond belief. I’m almost certain that Capcom would be less afraid of an M rating than DC Comics, given that their library of games includes the likes of Resident Evil, Dead Rising, and Devil May Cry, among others.

Then again, Ed Boon could very well be trolling everybody, and what a dick move that would be. Seriously, Capcom and Midway Netherrealm Studios, make this game happen.

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  • Well, to his discredit, Ed Boon claimed the 3rd Mortal Kombat film was shot and wrapped and in post in 2004, and obviously that never happened.

  • True, but after Annihilation, I’m not sure a lot of people even wanted to see a third film.

    • Oh, I agree. He just swore that it was not only in production, but that it was done. Strange lie to make up, in my opinion. Ever since, I’ve taken what he’s had to say with a grain of salt, although he did announce that Kevin Tancharoen would be doing the next film after the short he made, and there is a deal in place for that one. Whether it happens or not is the question.

  • This sounds awesome, if its confirmed true that is. I love all things MK!

  • Cort

    MK vs Marvel. Now that’d be something. Except Marvel is owned by Disney now so… probably lame fatalities there also.

    • I think people keep forgetting that Disney has owned tons of rights for ages. Do you realize that they own the Buena Vista production company and they used to have high stakes in Miramax. Both studios released R-rated violent films.

      So it’s not like everything Disney owns is going to be targeted towards their Disney branch/audience.

      • Cort

        I believe there’s still always an extent that the big man up on top will affect what his smaller companies put out, but you make a good point.

        I just noticed that Marvel has been toning it down a bit and marketing more towards kids since they got bought out.

        • Have they? I’ve only been following their film front and the only movie Marvel has produced under Disney’s wing is The Avengers. Thor, Captain America and everyone else was more influenced by Paramount.

          The Avengers just looks like a mess. I don’t really see any kid oriented stuff in the film. Maybe the toy lineup and stuff, but that’s about it.

          • Cort

            Yeah, television, comics, toys, and for video games it’s always been typically rated E10+ or T– nothing above that.

            There’s a lot of different companies that own the rights to their characters in film though right?

            Sony with Spider-Man, Fox with X-Men, etc.

            It’s just a pretty safe judgement that if MK vs Marvel ever came out (which there really is no official talk about)… it might also be “pussified”. Video games have one of the largest kids markets out there. It’s probably even bigger than the kids market of movies these days.

          • Yeah, Marvel Studios is autonomous from Disney. Disney just gets all their profit in the end. Creatively, they have no input, unless they bought the film rights from Marvel before they got sold, as is the case with Spider-Man, X-Men, Hulk, etc.

            But, the kicker is, when their rights expire, the rights revert to Marvel Studios. That’s why they made a second Ghost Rider, to keep the rights. All Marvel’s contracts for film rights have very specific terms saying if a film isn’t made every X amount of years, the rights go back to Marvel. This is also why Sony rebooted Spider-Man.

            For video games, Marvel gets to make their own decisions via their game development department.

          • Cort

            It will probably never happen anyways.

            It’s fortunate we even got to see MK vs DC… even if the fatalities weren’t that great.

          • Sean’s right on the studio fronts.

            I believe Sony owns Spider-Man and Ghost Rider.

            Fox X-Men and Fantastic Four

            Lionsgate was Punisher, until the rights recently reverted.

            New Line/Warner Bros to Blade until rights recently reverted.

            Daredevil is still Fox, but they are close to making another to renew rights.

            Everyone else is Paramount, minus Avengers as a whole, which is Disney/Marvel Studios.

            Another thing people forget is that there’s a difference between a film getting tagged with the Marvel logo and the Marvel Studios logo.

            Usually Studios means it has more ties with Disney and the parent Marvel production company.

            Everything else is just Marvel or in Punisher/Ghost Rider 2’s case; Marvel Knights.

  • gordon

    I love both franchises, but if the game is made , PLEASE don’t use Mk style mechanics , sf and capcoms fighting games have a much more fluid and serious feel when fighting unlike Mk which has a clunky arcadey type of feel..Idk if you get me but capcom knows the correct formula and if it played more like a Mk game they lost one sale right here