First Stills From ‘Maniac’ Remake

Above, you’ll see one of the first images released for the remake of Maniac.  The new film is scripted by Alexandre Aja and Gregory Levasseur and will be directed by Franck Khalfoun, who last directed P2 for Aja as a producer.  He also has an extensive background in commercials and music videos.  The photos come from early Cannes press, where the film will make its debut.  The above photo looks like they’ve maintained the hardcore spirit of the original, so let’s take a look at the other two pics released:

Another creepy shot, but we’ve saved the best for last with this one, so here’s a look at Elijah Wood who will be playing the titular Maniac.

While he may be no Joe Spinell, he’s still a hell of an actor that often makes smart choices, and this first picture has him looking absolutely insane covered in blood.  Hopefully as Cannes ramps up we’ll hear more about this one, like who will put it out and when, until then, we can have faith it will at least be bloody.  Aja’s The Hills Have Eyes is one of my favorite horror remakes, so I have some hope this one will be pretty good as well.

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  • Why haven’t I ever seen the original film?

    • I dunno, some of the best practical gore f/x of all time, and it’s on Blu.

      • Thanks for the heads up. Adding to wish list.

        • There’s one reason to get into the movie.. Tom god damn Savini!

  • How did I not know this was happening? Moreover, why is Aja stuck in the remake cycle? High Tension was bad ass, but now.. geez. Not saying I won’t watch it, because it’s too early, but c’mon man.

  • Prez387w

    How the heck have you not seen this gem if you call yourself a HORROR fan?? Tom Savini rules!! The F/X were Amazing for its stime and still hold up today. Wonder if the remake will be anywhere close to the original!