Disturbed Goes on Hiatus; Blames Music Industry

It has been in the talks for a month now that the popular metal band Disturbed will be taking a hiatus indefinitely. Well, they finally decided to confirm the break and of course have to blame something. So why not the music industry?

Before it was talks of internal conflicts within the band that pulled them apart and made this break inevitable. Now vocalist David Draiman said in an interview with Billboard:

Many of those reasons are personal reasons, and many of those reasons have to do with the state of the music industry in general and the demise of hard rock and metal right now,

He goes on about the unrelenting touring being a factor:

The industry is still in a state of reformation; it is on the verge of collapse, in my opinion. It’s a frightening time, and I think after 10 to 12 years straight of touring it’s just a good time for Disturbed to go away for awhile and wait for the Phoenix to rise from the ashes

So after 12 years of touring, the band that reshaped popular metal in 2000 with The Sickness decided to take a well deserved break from their hectic life on the road.

I would say I have to agree with Draiman for the fact that popular rock and metal (like, radio rock/metal) fucking sucks. I stopped listening to my local rock station because the filth started to pile up like dirty laundry. Though I do feel Disturbed‘s latest albums were a part of this shit-fest of metal, apparently they are oblivious to the fact that all their albums have sounded the same since Ten Thousand Fists. I think it is good that they are taking a break, maybe they can figure out how to get the feel of The Sickness again.

Do you have any thoughts on Disturbed’s hiatus? Or even the state of modern rock/metal? Let us know in the comments below!

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  • I’ll agree that pretty much any genre of music right now is suffering. ROCK/METAL and HIP-HOP seem pretty dead on the radio with constant repetition of songs and ideas expressed over and over. History tends to repeat itself so hopefully it will repeat sooner rather than later (a strong resurrection of what people used to consider talent being the thing that repeats)

    • Derriq Freeman

      idk if u ever heard of thsi guy but theres this rapper tec-9. your comment really reminds me of him. very untalented and generic. ty.

    • Anonymous

      I would have to disagree, Cody. Now I can’t speak on behalf of the HipHop/Rap industry because the majority of those so-called “artists” have not talent and just do it for the money. But in the heavy metal industry there is plenty of talent and most bands aren’t in it for the money they are in it for the fans of the genre. For instance, Trivium has a new album coming out next week and they OFFICIALLY releases half of their album online for free. Being that most heavy metal bands don’t get radio play, they don’t really care about how popular they are they just want to give their fans what they want. To say every genre is suffering is a bit of a cop-out. Your precious hip hop industry may be suffering but the metal industry shouldn’t be brought down with it

      • I agree with Travis. As far as metal goes, the “metal” played on the radio sucks dick. But the real stuff is oh so sweet.

        • I don’t even know what to say, i was just speaking about mainstream radio.

    • There is DEFINITELY no shortage of talent in metal, you just have to know where to look. In terms of sales in the metal community, they’re actually growing, not shrinking, and it’s a common misconception for people to think otherwise. The market is just shifting from shit nu-metal-emo-core-whatever-the-fuck-you-want-to-call-it to deathcore and “breakcore”. Bands like A Day To Remember, Suicide Silence and Born of Osiris are raking in the dough and have become today what Korn and Limp Bizkit were ten years ago. While I personally think these bands are shit, the sales speak for themselves, and there will always be a market for angsty high schoolers who want to rebel and seem cool.

      Music is not dead by any means. It’s more alive than ever. Only the sales models and markets are shifting, and major labels and radio play are becoming more and more irrelevant as the internet and streaming/downloading continue to proliferate the industry.

      Not going into too much more detail. Actually working on a column that specifically addresses this shift in the sales dynamic as we speak.

  • Indie lives.

  • This was the greatest news I’ve heard all week. David Draiman and Co. are a bunch of idiots.

    • Agreed. They haven’t made anything worth listening to since their first album.

  • I didn’t realize you could take a hiatus from selling very few albums and performing in front of very few people. Usually they call that missing the boat, which they did after their first album came out.

    • Anonymous