Courageous Review

Its movies like these that piss me off. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t mind Christians and their beliefs. They can do their own thing; religion is not what I am about. I respect them and hopefully they can say the same for me (probably not). This movie revolves around being a good father and husband. I’m no father, nor husband, but I get what they are trying to say. If there is one thing that pisses me off the most though, it is when some self-righteous prick tries shoving what they believe down people’s throats. Certainly no one is that arrogant enough to do that to someone, nonetheless thousands of moviegoers. Wait….

Let me give you the gist of the story

So this movie centers on Adam (Alex Kendrick), who is a police officer and a husband with two kids. Adam is seemingly having a hard time balancing work with home (Shown in a scene where he says: “I love you” to his boss on the phone, but come on, he probably did it on purpose). Adam’s relationship with his kids seems to be lacking. His daughter, he was afraid to show his love to her, and his son, I believe he called him stubborn because he likes playing video games and running 5 miles a day. What a jackass. Anyway, Adam has a tight knit clan with his fellow officers Nathan (Kevin Bevel), David (Ben Davies), and Shane (Kevin Downes). They all hang out and shoot the shit. Sometime later, while working on building a shed with newfound friend Javier (Robert Amaya), one of the officers comes to Adam’s house and tells him one of his family members was in a fatal car crash.

From there, we get 30 minutes or more of crying from the family members that seems like it will never end. Seriously, it gets a little uncomfortable how much they cry, at least for me. I heard a few older couples sobbing in the rows ahead of me. Tells you what kind of crowd goes to this (And then there’s me!). So Adam consults his pastor to have him talk some sense in to him, and of course he says something along the lines of getting in touch with god. I thought he was going to say get wasted and bang hookers, but that obviously wasn’t happening. So he devised this resolution in which he promises to god his responsibilities as a parent and a husband. He shows it to his friends and they are interested enough to join in drinking the Kool-Aid. Then we get a scene with the main members in formal suits reading some sort of oath and the rest of the movie is them putting their resolution to work. Ugh.

Okay, so the story is lame. We’ve seen shit like this before. A guy doesn’t realize what he has until it’s gone (I think there’s a monster ballad for that). The morals of it are there and you get that sense of inspiration, unless you are me, the giant walking storm of pessimism. It’s a less than average movie, but what makes it shitty is its constant reminder that it’s about god. There could be a drinking game within this movie. Every time they say god, you take a shot. You would be wasted within 5 minutes and legally dead within half an hour. They are so full of Jesus juice that they are completely ignorant to anything else thrown at them. God doesn’t find you a job, you have to get off your lazy ass and do it your fucking self. Don’t rely on your beliefs to do the hard work for you, you MAY actually have to work for your money on your own.

I’m not saying having faith is wrong. Let it guide your life, but don’t let it become your life. It’s when it becomes your life that shit like 9/11 happens, and in the American Christian’s hands, that is fucking dangerous (I’m talking about you Rick Perry [Though I’m not sure he’s completely Christian]). Let it be known, I am not preaching shit. If you don’t like it, I can go fuck myself for all you care.

The acting of the movie was passable. It seemed believable enough to make me never want to meet these religious-obsessive people in person. Alex Kendrick wrote, directed, and starred in this film, so we can tell who has had a little too much church as a kid.

This movie in general was bullshit. It ran about 40 minutes too long with shit we didn’t need in there, and hell, a character we didn’t even need. If you are not down with the G-Man (God), then you should not see this movie. I strongly recommend you to avoid this at all costs unless you have faith in what it so forcefully preaches down your throat hole. I left the theater offended that such film could even be made, but in ‘Merica we have that whole freedom of speech and religion that halts me from further protesting. I can’t believe I went the whole review without stating the movie’s name.



Courageous – 3.5/10

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  • I’m sorry you had to sit through this. At least we didn’t!

  • god, what a review…

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  • Listener

    and yet you are arrogant enough to push your own agenda – i forget it is okay to step on other’s first amendment rights as long as they listen to yours

  • Crobinsonpk

    “If there is one thing that pisses me off the most though, it is when some self-righteous prick tries shoving what they believe down people’s throats. Certainly no one is that arrogant enough to do that to someone, nonetheless thousands of moviegoers. Wait….”

    —Its not shoving anything down someone’s throat. If you saw the trailers, then you know what the movie preaches. If you buy a ticket, then you have no reason to gripe about the message. (Which was a great message btw) I’m sure you don’t really care that you’re being hypocritical about “pushing your point of view” so I’m not going to go further on that.

    –And seriously, Christian film makers put out 2 movies in 4-5 years preaching a message, and every “expert” gets SOOO upset. This has to be 1/1000th of the movies that are out right now. Maybe you should just go a step further and belittle the Christian film makers before they even make a film. But i guess it’s easier and much more “comfortable to write it on the internet where no one can actively make you feel ignorant.

    –I hope the message of the film outweighed your hatred that you appear (by written word) to hold for Christianity.

  • David

    As a Christian I appreciate your review. That you hate this movie is a testament to it’s truth. You, like the world, hate God. So you should hate a movie that shamelessly glorifies Him.

    • Before I comment I must say that I have not seen the movie and I don’t plan to, that being said I understand why the films being made and good for it being able to reach its audience. Nothing against it.

      But there’s a difference between hating God and not believing in God. I’m almost positive Wilson, the reviewer doesn’t believe in God. From a film standpoint that shouldn’t effect the movie at all. I’ve enjoyed tons of religious movies that deal with loving God or appreciating a higher being, but all were structured much better than Courageous (by the looks of the trailer).

      In my opinion (again, not trying to be rude here, only talking from a film standpoint), a truly good film that’s trying to get across religious believes is a film that plays well for both believers and non believers.

      Of course God loving people like yourself are going to enjoy the movie and that’s perfectly fine, but if you can still make a non believer enjoy the film, despite there lack of religion then you have successfully made a film.

      Courageous looks like a cheap attempt at “shoving” ones believes down your throat. It’s all black and white, saying you either love God and are a good person or your the worst in the world and going to hell.

      That’s not what it should be. Again, people shouldn’t have to watch the movie and say, you know what I now love God, but they should be able to watch the movie and say, hey, I appreciate what the Christian filmmakers were doing, I respect their point of view on religion and while I don’t believe in God, I still understood the message and their intentions were good, without being too forceful or negative on non believers.

      I must again state that I am not trying to bash believers or non believers or even Courageous (since I haven’t seen it), but I do see points Wilson was making, even though he may cover them in a more hateful attitude.

  • Scott

    “I’m not saying having faith is wrong. Let it guide your life, but don’t let it become your life.”

    A true believer in Jesus Christ surrenders all to Him. Their faith becomes their life. A non-believer can’t decide to change that for Christians. It’s the way it is.

    • Perkins-420


    • Perkins-420

      you need to get laid scotty boy

      • Bek

        Life isn’t about getting laid. It’s about being loved. And when you have a relationship with God, you’re loved no matter what. I’m 16 and even I can see that the world holds so much more than I will ever know and God has more love that I will ever be able to comprehend. I watched this film with my dad and nothing was more precious. And trust me, I would be crying for a lot longer than the people in this film if my 9 year old daughter died, especially if it was because of a drink drivers unwise decisions.

    • Hensontimes4

      amen brother

  • Doubter

    The movie simply sucked. Regardless of the message, it was shit. The acting was the same amateurish efforts we used to see in low budget “message” movies at school. People who enjoy movies or books like this constantly require reinforcing their belief system. They don’t like challenges, doubt, or open minded inquiry They like bland morality tales, black and white issues, avoidance of critical thinking. This movie delivered all these. They believe the creator of the universe is listening to them ask for new snow tires; that he will bless them with new snow tires and other riches if they act right and pray hard. They believe that the bible is 100% literal truth. This book was put together from thousands of human decisions. But they believe that somehow the big guy could control all these human decisions so that the printed page on the bible is a literal divine message. If the creator of the universe is taking an active role in human affairs like giving some folks snow tires and forcing other folks to copy and compile the bible so it comes out as literal truth, how come he lets a 10 year old get ass-raped by a 60 year old football coach?

    • Leader

      As someone who has never done any significant amount of research in regards to Christianity, you can’t ask question like that. Your answer would come from understanding God. Read the book of Job.

      • It’s hard understanding imaginary ghosts. Why should he read a book that glorifies said imaginary “spirit”?

        I’d suggest something more along the lines of Area 51 or the Bermuda Triangle. At least those topics are interesting..

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