Christopher Nolan To Film Inception 2 After The Dark Knight Rises?

The big question that everybody wants to know is what is Christopher Nolan going to do after The Dark Knight Rises? Is he going to film another original idea or possibly make a sequel to his highly successful and popular film; Inception. According to Comic Book Movie an insider is claiming that Warner Brothers is pressing Nolan for a sequel and that makes perfect sense considering the film brought in almost a billion dollars world-wide.

Nolan obviously doesn’t want to do a sequel because it would only ruin the original. He told the story that he wanted to tell and there is really no reason to revisit the world he created, but like most studios, WB is considering the idea of tapping another director if Nolan chooses to opt out.

Here’s more information on what the “insider source” had to say:

The email I received (the source wishes to remain anonymous for obvious reasons) wrote that WB are desperate for Nolan to film Inception 2 after The Dark Knight Rises, and he said that the movie will kind of be a retcon, as none of the characters from the first movie will return. Instead, it is focusing on the military aspect of dream-sharing. WB want to make a franchise out of it, with the basic plotline of the movies being the military fighting terrorists using dream-sharing. The plot of the second movie would be, “Rumors spread that a group of people managed to pull off Inception, and middle-eastern terrorists soon catch onto the idea and plan to perform Inception on world leaders, forcing them to dissolve law and order”. He said that Nolan isn’t too keen on the idea because he wants to pursue original material but if he passes on it WB will simply pick a new director and move forward on the project without him.

A supposed idea that Nolan is really keen on is a movie focusing on the current economical depression. It’s far more interesting than that, civil wars break out in many countries as the money situation gets out of hand, causing people to fight over simple resources like food and water.

An Inception sequel sounds incredibly pointless and a sequel without any of the returning cast sounds even worse. I love the idea of Nolan working on a film dealing with the modern economic depression. That sounds like material that he would absolutely nail.

What are your thoughts on the subject? Should Inception get a sequel and if so is Nolan the only man you want at the helm? Do you like the idea of him doing a film about the current economy?

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  • Gigi Razzle

    sequel focus on global issues, non-military, seeking Utopia – no famines/shared resources – economy angle ok, but needs “new order” & sacrifices to get stability. like this director very much- KEEP HIM!! & LEONARDO!

  • Superblondie1992

    they should do a sequel the first was sooo good! im obsessed with the world of Inception. they should do it from his children’s viewpoints where, if he is still in limbo, they try and get him back from that state so they can all be together as one again

    • Elle

      Oh god I hope not….Inception is my favorite movie of all time. While the ending of not knowing what happened did drive me a bit crazy, I would hate for there to be a definitive answer.
      I would be happy for there to be a sequel, but only if there were all new characters; actually, heck, I wouldn’t mind if Ariadne or Arthur was in it, but NOT COBB – I don’t want to find out anything “extra” about the original movie, or have anything “explained”.

  • Tfarrell1226

    Inception is Christopher Nolan. The studio would be stupid to try and make a sequel without Nolan. If Nolan says He is not willing to do more then they should lave it at that. Inception is a great original movie and does not need a sequel.

    • dukesahil

      if u really like that movie than u would also want the sequel
      u would also want to know what will happen next
      but stupid like u is just doing timepass by watching movie
      i really want a sequel because the story never ends in first one

    • I just want a five minute piece that shows if Leonardo makes it.

      • Shubham

        And I think it also must have the thing like what did fischer do about his inheritance

  • Nowpower

    I figured a sequel was part of the original plan. Moll (sp?) is right and still alive and waiting for him and they send in a team to persuade him to really come home. It’s a natural.

    • Andrew


  • Itsme

    I’d love to see a sequel. It might be great or crummy, but it’s worth watching to see. The sequel described above sounds awful. Basic economics says there will be a sequel.

  • Ebailey8

    Inception is TRUE sci-fi at it’s best because it is so real and believable! Nolan created a franchise of an ideal and it has to get done in 2 more movies!! WB should not base the next movie in war or terriorist theme. That would move away from the genesis of Nolan’s concept. Inception is basic, real, innocent, and child-like. The next two movies should focus on the deeper cores of Inception where people of all generations can relate to it! By the way, I watch the Inception DVD weekly just to try to understand another angle of Nolan’s world! It’s that good and a CLASSIC!! Sign DiCapro or at least 2 of the main characters for the sequels!!

  • Philip

    Inception without the great original cast is truly pointless! Inception was a brilliant movie, and Nolan made it brilliant. Without him, “yawn.”

  • It was Christopher Nolan’s production company that made Inception so if they don’t have him as director he could still be the producer like he will be with The Man of Steel.

  • Rohankapur18

    Although I am dying for a sequel and I really loved that movie, it just doesn’t make sense. The whole beauty of the film was just for the credits to come, and your mouth was wide open with amazement. I think a sequel would ruin that, but, I would not mind a video game!

  • Youngherr

    we want to escape the present economy not pay money to see it enlarged on a screen before us. A sequel needs to be at least leo as the movie ened with top spinning so is he dreaming or not? If nolan wants to do movie on economy then do it showing the corruptness of corporate/govt/humans of this world and how they pay for their greed, ie justice for all the little people. triumph good over evil, not that would be enjoyable.

    • Fxgght23433

      An Inception without DiCaprio would be a sequel I’d be excited to see. He pulled the whole film down as everyone had to dumb down their acting to fit. Movies are about making money, though, and Leo brings girls into theatres, even science fiction films.

  • Zach

    Inception is a great movie, but there is a reason it ended how it did. Is was not meant to have a sequel.

    • In my opinion that was the only thing I didn’t like about it you didn’t know what happen.

      • Mizu

        Because what happened wasn’t the point. The point was that Cobb who was so focused on knowing what’s real, finally decided to just fuck it and be happy, never mind if it were a dream or not. It wrapped up the character story very well, so to me a sequel it out of the question. A prequel… maybe…? But why mess with perfection~?

      • mz

        But that was the best part about the whole movie – that little question that was planted in your head at the end: Was it real or a dream? I’m pretty sure it was left unanswered for that very reason – incepting the entire audience. Answering it would be the worst thing they could do.

    • Kt

      Actually the movie ended with the spin top spinning and not stopping. In the movie it’s referenced that the spin top will not stop spinning if they are in a dream. Hence I feel that the movie actually didn’t ‘end’ per se. Cobb could still be in a dream.

      • TheOutcome0


        • LeahKhat21

          I actually think that there was an emotional significance there. It seems real, but the fact that the top didn’t stop spinning could emotionally signify that Cobb (DiCaprio’s character) is in a dream (i.e. a dream has become reality) & that he doesn’t wait long enough to see if it stops spinning because knowing whether he is in a dream or not is important; he just wants to live in the moment.

  • Hermione A

    A sequel would only be good if the cast from the original movie is in it. If that’s not going to happen…. Screw the sequel.

  • TammyDM

    They have to do a sequel, the ending was a cliff hanger. I thought Forsure there would be a sequel. If they have a whole new cast it would be completely pointless. I want answers from the first Inception. The movie was amazing and Nolan needs to finish the story. 🙂 PLEASE!

    • ty

      you obviously didnt understand the movie..

    • you totally understand

  • Themonkeypianist88

    Inception is my favorite movie, but it wouldnt be the same without any of the same characters. I still think its a good idea to do a sequel but only if they were able to keep most of the same charactera like Arthur or ariadne

  • J Osterman

    That sequel sounds like sh*t I hate sequels with only part or none of the original cast. It ruins the relationship built with the old characters and makes you resent the new ones. As much as I would love to see an inception sequel it is a stand alone film bar none. Just respect what the original film brought you and let your imagination create the sequel.

  • Itsnottagame

    There needs to be a sequel..I feel if written and directed right this franchise can be up there with Matrix if done correctly….its soooo many directions you can go with the whole concept of this movie…makes absolutely ZERO sense to NOT do a sequel and maybe even a 3rd..but i’d end it at 3

  • ammos

    wait another ten years

  • Spencer

    I think they should make a prequel on how leonardo di caprio got into taking memories.

    • Darren

      I like that idea, I really do. A prequel could be a hit!

    • linus222

      Agreed. That would be the only way a second movie in the Inception franchise would make sense

  • Zeus1710

    They need to continue the same storyline. I’d like to see that she was right… She jumped and woke up. He actually was in a dream the entire time. Then do a prequel

  • Ty

    I think if Nolan decides to make a sequel he should make it about what happened before the first film when Cobb and mal got stuck in the dream space and built a world for them selfes and how Cobb planted the idea in her and how it made her think that the dream space was reality.

  • kirbyderby

    I agree with Zeus1710. It would be cool to see that Mal was right all along… Also, if they do make a sequel, Nolan definetly has to be involved.

  • Mars

    If any one think about a inception sequel is an idiot, one of the greatest and smartest stuff about the film is the ending of the same if you make a sequel you are fucking all the concept about it

  • A sequel would ruin the whole mystery of the first movie, which was a big part of what made it so great.

    Besides that. Can WB even make sequel without Nolan’s permission seeing as Nolan was not only the director but also the author of Inception?

    • synicaIsouI

      Of course WB will try to imploy inception on Noland to make him believe that it was his idea to create a sequel in the first place.

  • Andy

    No definitely not a sequel and idk if any major director would touch it out of respect for Nolan’s original work sO wb would be stuck with a rookie director if anything. Now I can definitely see novels cOmics and video games (if done correctly) as sequels or prequels that diverge the plot to the other characters involved

  • jonathnL

    NO! PLEASE NO! Inception is my favorite movie of all-time please don’t ruin it by making a sequel!! NOOOO!!!

    • Jake

      How would it ruin it ? Did Godfather 3 ruin the Godfather ? As long as they don’t kill a popular character or something similar, I think it would be fine.

    • TheOutcome0

      If they make a sequEl and it turns out badly it won’t ruin inception. It won’t change it at all. it will be the same film just with a bad sequel. Inception is my favorite film of all time too and i’d rather see them give a sequEl a go rather than nothing. if it goes badly then don’t think about it. Stick with the original.


    I read all the comments and didn’t see one comparison to The Matrix, which was a movie on the ground-breaking scale of Inception. That franchise was ruined (ironically enough) by the greed of the same studio, Warner Bros. Inception is definitely in my top 3 movies of all time. There is so much crap coming out of Hollywood these days that the originality of Inception stands tall. I would love to see more, and I am torn over the sequel question. I think a logical, complementary story could be developed. It would only work with the same cast (or a sub-set of those relevant based on whether we are talking prequel or sequel) and Nolan at the pen and director’s chair. My two cents…

    • Urizen

      LOL! The Matrix sequels did not ‘ruin’ the original. Just because the public is unwilling to embrace challenging, complex flims like the Matrix sequels does not mean that they’re “bad”. The Matrix was PLANNED as part of a trilogy. In fact, there are parts of the first film that don’t even make sense outside of the context of the greater trilogy. Examples: In the first film Smith describes humans as a “virus” and says that he feels as though he’s been “infected.” The meaning of these words isn’t apparent until the second film. Also, in the first movie, the Oracle tells Neo that he doesn’t have free will. That scene is completely out of place and irrelevant if you view the Matrix as a stand alone film, but acts as an interesting piece of foreshadowing if you view the trilogy as a whole. Try looking at the actual underlying subtext behind films instead of just copying what everyone else is saying on the message boards.

      • ROBinVEGAS

        I am not bagging on the original at all…just when you take them as a series. I watch the original anytime it is on, and I am always intrigued. I believe any writer/director builds the posibility of sequels into any fresh, original work. I just think that the “Wojohowitz” brothers gambled and lost on this one. They put a bunch of references into the original that they hoped to use, and then “we”, the public, called their bluff. I think Joe Average still scratches his head as to what happened in 2 & 3, how it really ties into the original, and wonders why Neo and Trinity did not live happily ever after. It’s just the way we have been programmed by Hollywood. Thus, the average movie-goer will dismiss the franchise. I seriously appreciate your POV, and I believe that I did offer a fresh perspective to this. As for Inception…I WANT more, but am very willing to leave it as is to preserve the perception of the original. I am kind of down with the prequel idea…has to be the same group though. They appear to all have a “history”.

  • Batman

    Just came across this article… Nolan has previously expressed his distaste with sequels unless the can top the previous film. It took him over a decade to perfect his vision for a inception. A sequel could not be done for a long time, at which point it would really be pointless for him to spend so long for something that is not an original story. In this time of remakes and sequels, it was refreshing to see such a successful original film. We need more original films to inspire true creativity in the younger generations.

  • The Baws

    i think a sequel without dicaprio, but with less than four of the original characters would be doable, as long as no light is shed on the ending of the first movie

    • No their should be light shed on the end if not don’t make a sequel why on earth would you not want to see the end that is the biggest thing i didn’t like at the end.

      • your wrong. what made it great!!! is that you didn’t know. it allowed for what ever ending your imagination wanted if you wanted him to still be dreaming then it didn’t reuin that but if you wanted him to make it back then that was still possible. the only people mad at the ending are people with no imagination like you

  • batmanfan2000

    a seguel sounds like a bad idea they could make a prequeal

    • no the movie was meant to have a sequel did you even see the end?

  • Blossom Von YumYum

    I think a sequel would be great, but ONLY IF THEY USE THE SAME ACTORS again, and ONLY IF IT’S A NEW MISSION. I don’t want the ending of Inception to be explained; it was interesting to debate over it with my friends 🙂 I would, however, like to see the team doing another job, something relatively new and different from the Fischer mission.

  • I do want their do be another inception but same actors and please explain the ending of it that was the biggest flaw of the movie.

  • ScareMiss

    I feel that if they were to make a sequel; they would be risking ruining the original. Inception was good because it was something new, and original. To make a sequel would be redundant and pointless; to make a sequel and NOT use the original cast? Well, that would just be a down-right mess.

  • arcane

    Sequel will kill it just they killed Matrix.

  • damia9090

    I respect opinions, but I think that if they make a sequel, the ones who want a sequel where, every thing was just a dream for cobb or that moll was right or that veers of the original Inception is Fu@#$ moronically stuupid. that Plot would just kill the original film and invalidate everything cobb did because it was just a dream. It would make me and a few more people feel as we lost our time watching Inception because everything was just a dream. same reason Why Im so skeptical about total recall and will wait for it on dvd. I dont want to find out everything was just a lie.

  • Shannedo

    I think a story/comic/interview on the characters’ futures would suffice. Only if Nolan was to direct it and the entire original cast was to return would an Inception 2 have a hope in hell. WB will only make a mess of this if they don’t have Nolan’s guidance.

  • Sapphirebbb

    I think it would be good,but only if they had the origional cast, NO newbies.

  • RyanMathisIsAnIdiot

    The should do The Cobol Job comic as a prequel. It was fun and was very in line with the movie. The bank robbery scene could be awesome on the big screen. I’d love to see the “push the silent alarm” panel in a tense action sequence.

  • ThisISrealityRIGHT?

    PREQUEL!!! They need to go through Cobb growing up and how the start of dreaming came about. Venture more into the military origin and deeper into cobb’s mind. Then stop befor Cobb has to leave.

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  • No way!! There is only ONE INCEPTION! Any sequels will be horrible!! But if they are going to insist upon it, then I would want to see Nolan doing it. But I really hope they don’t go thru with making Inception 2.. It will be a waste of time and money for WB and for the fans.

  • Tochono_9

    I think the only possible way to do another movie inside the idea of Inception is to do a complete other story that has nothig to do with the first one. A sequel to this one is out of the question, another story in the same universe is just maybe a little bit possible, even though it would be nearly impossible to come up with another idea that is as good or better than the original, something Nolan insists on when making films in a series. I don’t think he will do another, at least not in the near future, but I’m not going to say it’s impossible.
    If Warner Bros. makes an Inception sequel without Nolan i may just boycott the studio.

    • Bharath

      I though of replying I will boycott the film without Nolan at helm but your idea is much bigger than me lie Inception. Boycott the Studio!!! Loved it. lol

  • Thrust

    Inception can not have a sequel! Part of the reason it was so genius was that you didn’t know what happened at the end. If there were answers to the questions asked in the film, the brilliance of the entire thing would be destroyed! The film was not meant as part of a franchise or trillogy, if you’re smart enough you can tell it was made to stand alone. If they make a sequel to my favorite film I don’t know what I’ll do!

  • Car Dee

    If Joseph Gordon-Levitt isn’t in it I will cry. I think they should stick with the main characters. It shouldn’t change too dramatically, it would get confusing. Arthur and Ariadne would be an awesome couple in it XD

  • if you where going to make a sequal you would have to have leonardo decario in the film as he is the main person so if you cant get him to be in the sequal dont bother making it!

  • Alice

    Nolan worked on Inception for ten years, I don’t want to watch another director rip off his idea.

  • Matt

    I’m with Spencer. If they were to do a prequel sort of thing, that’d be the only way to go really. Cobb and the gang mentioned that dream sharing was a concept brought about by the military wanting to use it as training for soldiers. Show us how exactly dream sharing got started. Show us how Cobb and Arhur and the gang got together, how they learned these skills. Show us Michael Caine teaching Cobb about dream sharing(They touched on that in the film). Give a bit more backstory to the situations with Cobb and Mal. Maybe even throw in a nod or two to Fischer Morrow, since a prequel would take place before the first film, which had a lot to do with Fischer’s father and his company.

    Something like this would be a LOT better than some unrelated sequel, and if you can do it right and sign Nolan on as the director again, then helll yes, I would love another film in the Inception series. But to do a sequel unrelated and having no ties to the first film other than “Rumors spread that a group of people managed to pull off Inception”, that would just ruin it.

  • savina

    i think that if they are to have a sequel, it would not be that good if not having the same cast return and not involving nolan

  • Darren

    No. Definitely not. Inception was a great movie, and had a cliffhanger ending, making a sequel would ruin it. However I like the idea another user said, make a Prequel to the movie! Bring back DiCaprio, explain more about his time in Limbo, more about his wife, his first dream etc. It could end with him boarding the train, where the base dream is on the first movie. A prequel could be a success, and wouldn’t really ruin the original.

  • jonski22

    i just something at the…about this scientist that records dream,,..and he was contacted by Chris Nolan for Input regarding the Inception 2…so i think there is an Inception 2…Nolan just talk to fame NeuroSurgeon/Scientist…

  • MLBforsure

    Its funny to see everyone all bent out of shape about this movie. I would be open to a sequel even if I agree it is a great stand alone movie. I can almost guarantee there are some sharp minds already working on a script and Nolan will be a part of it. There has been many notions and perceived angles to the story but its pretty much common sense if you break down the facts. Nolan didnt leave us hanging, Cobb IS still dreaming. They left many open angles for a sequel but again, using common sense, it will somehow spin out of the dream dungeon which in the movie is the first time you dont get to see the top “topple” because Cobb was interrupted and knocks it over. This scene is right after they discuss how long the sedatives can last. Also, before this scene you never get to see who the fischer character is. So, my prediction for the sequel, and if its correct its actually really brilliant for Nolan and the writers to have this foresight…..The fischer job has yet to be completed, so you can see this job re-done in a whole new aspect, perhaps in reality, and they can also re write Cobb and Mal’s whole story from this point. This would not ruin the original movie by any means and in fact, if they wanted to continue the franchise they could continue to re-step story lines over story lines. It truly is genius. If I were a betting man, I would bet on a sequel, or even a pre-sequel……

    • Gaje

      Not bad but the totem does topple when he does it after introducing ariatne to the dream world write after mal kills her, he goes to another room spins it and it topples, I thought at the very end it was gonna fall. But that’s just me.

  • Gaje

    The way i see it fans of the original know full well that they could not possibly make a good sequel without ruining the original so if WB would pull their head out their asses and realize no one will go waste money on a movie that would be ruined forever by viewing a sequel, but thats my opinion, and to do it without Nolan is just blasphemous. But let’s all say a little prayer that they don’t do this, theyd be out of money because unlike so many sequels before that have been forced this really can’t be forced.

  • Mando

    I know this concept WB is bringing to the table doesn’t sound like Nolan.. You cant contain him; he needs open freedom to work with the world he wants to create.

  • The Extractor

    If they dare Ruin it with that bull about middle eastern terrorists how un original is that cant we have sonething freaking epic and grand not small minded pointless and Government controlled pile of poo. They should only have nolan do it tbh he should plant an idea in everyones mibd to reject and dissolve these world empires, :p

  • Zelkon

    Honestly, Christopher Nolan should do an Inception sequel. The more I think about the movie, the more I want to know about the world where this dream sharing exists. Nolan once talked about a video game (not a cheep knock off of the movie, but one that takes place in the same universe), which sounds awesome. He owes it to the setting to do something else with it.

  • hegartymd

    It would be disastrous – the movie and concept is the original – most sequels don’t work. Leonardo (if that’s his real name) is a whole other discussion topic.

    ‘Inception’ was just unparalled genius (and I don’t extend that lightly) – a sequel requires the next level – there is more to tell


    i think making a sequel is pointless. If the studio does so without Nolan, they will be falling flat on thier face and they will ruin the relationship they with him. BAD IDEA. I do look forward into what else he is looking to create because he is without a doubt the best director in the game

  • SkyJK

    So, they want to take this great, original movie…and turn it into a Dreamscape-esque movie with terrorists. WORST idea ever, sounds like a pretty shitty movie. The thing that made the movie so GOOD was that it was such an original creation of Nolan. For another movie to be good, they need to just let Nolan do what he thinks and NOT try and create a new plot that they think will sell.

  • Put Michel Gondry on it.

  • Patrick van der Meer

    I think they should take their hands of it, Nolan was excited to do the first one and it became a masterwork of his, letting another director do it simply because some are desperate for a sequel would ruin it all, and make it a rather cheap attempt to milk more money out of it…

  • ahsun

    Inception 2 could be awesome if they use the same cast and director but it should not end up as the amazing spiderman with the main hero changing….

  • RuneBG

    Saw it again last friday, and I think he’s still in the basement in Mombasa checking out the sedative. There is no “successful” totem-test after that point in the movie.

    The first movie was about getting rid of Mal, the second movie is about the real Inception. Should be awesome!

  • Felix

    The film maker of inception left me with the doubt wether he was still dreaming or not!!! Therefore the second movie should have part to do with the first movie. Ok?ok! Just an opinion.

  • Doug

    Seriously, I had a dream after watching “Inception” for the sequel. The film begins with the ending of the last film, but some pieces you didn’t see before. Saito is making the promised phone call to pardon Cobb. This time you see who he called. It is the President of the US. Saito actually knew “Inception” would work, because it was used to create the President. The person that did this was shot for security reasons. The “Inception” guided President was an idea to have a leader that could be manipulated. The problem is that, like Mal, his dream began to corrupt and he was showing signs that he was losing a grip on reality.
    The plan, use Cobb to go in and correct the problem.
    The risk, Cobb could lose everything again.
    Two, dominate streams of action would take place.
    One, the real world hunt for the President after he is kidnapped to correct the problem.
    Two, the trained dream world security that the President has in his mind to resist such an invasion.
    Re-entering this world forces Cobb once again to face Mal and his inner demons.
    Mal is already at work in the mind of the President as his fantasy as the shared dream is experienced.
    If you can pass along ideas.
    This is the one that I would like to see.
    You can send me the check now.

  • Mikey

    If they made a sequel, they would not be able to bring back Cobb Because if the bring back Cobb they ruin the ending of Inception. Plus that would ruin the whole “the whole thing is dream argument for the ending. If you have to make another make a prequel like Spencer said

  • model_102

    not sure if they should do another inception 2, with out nolan thats a bad idea, but yeah a prequel could be, i like for him to do james bond 24 & james bond 25 and then something more new and fresh again could be fun

  • I think a prequel to “Inception” is the best idea for tapping into the success of the original. I feel there is a great deal of backstory there. We know what drove Cobb into corporate espionage through shared dreaming, but how it was able to obtain technology designed for military use and adapt it for the black market would be interesting. What was Cobb like as Cain’s student, and how did he apply is skill of navigating the mind to shared dreaming? How did he connect with Arthur, Eames and that original architect? How did Cobb and the team (including Mal) get connected to the military program, or did they simply adopt the model and designed it for smaller scale use. I agree that an unrelated sequel, especially one involving the military, would be a yawn-fest. The real-life application of this technology is the pulse of the idea and sets the pace of the film (think “24”). That’s the pace you need to maintain to make it a hit franchise.

  • Erik

    A sequel would be great period. WB you have my 110% approval. Would love to see the original cast and some new ones. A trilogy would be even better. Web knows what the fans want.

  • DIMA

    Making an inception 2 was like making the hangover 2. It sucked, and stuff like that dont happen twice. If they make a second one it will ruin the first one especially if they dont include the original characters.

  • SiLenTPiece

    I just want Nolan and DiCaprio to work together.

  • cmb1013

    Start sequel in bathroom after trying new syrum, since Leo doesn’t spin the top (still dreaming to end of movie?). Leo wakes up and he’s been taken by engineering firm chasing him. They perform (try to) inception on Leo using his equipment; awesome plot ensues….

  • Taher Kathawala

    The ending is literally the best cliffhanger I’ve ever seen. I do not, in any way shape or form want that to be resolved. I want to go back and watch the movie a hundred, thousand, million times if necessary and draw my own conclusions. A sequel would ruin the entire imagination aspect of Inception. The entire point of the movie… to go deep into your mind and mess with all the mechanics that you know as reality… would be moot by explaining all the confusion.

    That being said, I would prefer a prequel to a sequel as at least it doesn’t tarnish the ending of the original. I do know that it will probably be inevitable as a money making scheme… so if anyone should be leading the movie, it should be the man who crafted the original. He would have the greatest potential for success… and if the movie’s a disaster, at least he gets to blame Warner Brothers and not some other random director that got caught in the crossfire.

  • sam

    Douchbags…. Consider this.. What if, an inception sequel was actually infact BETTER than the original?… Just because you cannot imagine it, doesn’t mean it isn’t possible. You wouldn’t say no sequel then now would you? Sequels are often better- rocky 4, star wars, the dark knight for gods sake… Would you have prefered a batman stand-alone (not a batman begins, just batman). Inception will be expanded upon in the future.. Its the very nature of the film itself… Strikes me as obvious going by the ending with the spinning top- if thats not a cliff-hanger then please do tell me what is. Im a huge fan of the idea, the execution and the cast (especially my fellow brit Tom Hardy, great actor by the way).

  • Lena

    keep the same cast and director!

  • Argemone

    Really, first sequel and boom, straight to arab terrorists? Please, someone fire everyone in Hollywood.

  • Ashley

    As much as I love this movie, a sequel would be pointless and “ruin” the first movie. I wouldn’t want it done by anyone other than Christopher Nolan if in fact a sequel was made. There’s no way they could top the first, especially with a whole new cast.

  • Micheal

    Maybe not a sequel but a prequel where it tells how Dom got into inception and we finally view the wife’s psychological deterioration ?:D

  • Max McKenzie

    It’s obvious. The sequel should be Mal and Cobb’s friends coming into his dream (the whole of the first movie being Cobb’s dream) from reality to rescue him. When Mal jumped, she actually saved herself from the dream. The protagonists could be anything, but here’s just one possible idea: could be government agents who want to beat Mal to the job and use Cobbs skills for their own purposes – but keeping him locked in the dream world where they manipulate him to insert ideas into their enemies minds by bring them into Cobbs dream.

  • Brian

    A sequal without the original cast and would be massively unfortunate and neglectful. Also the overused and stereotypical plot ingredients of “world leader & terrorist” have become awfully moldy, cliche and boring. Thats the best that WB can do? Wow. The lack of “imagination” concerning a movie about “dreams” is sort of stunning and short-sighted on WB’s part.

  • Shubham

    Without the cast the next movie would be bad but without Chris nolan the movie would be worse. But of there would be a sequel, I would like to see things like how would someone stop from getting infected with an idea, maybe something like the police point of view of going in the mind of an extractor to collect important evidence etc to catch the extractors and the organisation and also how to cure someone who has been infected with an idea and also in deep about Wht a person like mal or fischer go through with an idea or its seed in their mind etc

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  • @@Ryan@@broadway14blake

    Ok I understand the mystery of the last scene of the movie but, haven’t anybody thought of the implications of the completion of someone being “incepted”? It makes for endless ideas of plots and scripts. Basically six people now know of a major successful inception. Pandora’s box is now open. Maybe one of the six now has to go into the presidents mind to save him from a terrorist that somehow learned of the inception going in and slipping him the idea to “nuke” Russia, Iran, etc. Or now that the energy monopoly has been dismantled, Cobb’s contractor now siezes on this and creates his own monopoly on which he now shapes the politics and governments of the world. Meanwhile, he trains his own groups to go in and perform inceptions on world leaders and competitors to increase his dominance. Now a government or competitor contracts Cobb or the Tom Hardy character to go into the Ken Wanatabe character’s mind again to stop him from taking over the world. Thats only a couple of plots that could be interesting because they would show why using this technology would not be a good idea if it indeed existed. You can make a franchise from all the angles you can take here.