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5 Windows Phone 8.1 Features To Look Forward To

Jeremy details his five most anticipated features to be released in the Windows Phone 8.1 software update this April

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Windows Phone Snapchat Client 6snap, Officially Better Than iOS & Android Counterparts

Rudy Huyn’s third-party Windows Phone Snapchat client, 6snap, now has more features than its iOS and Android counterparts. Download it for free right now

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Instagram (beta) Has Finally Arrived On Windows Phone

Instagram is now officially on Windows Phone. Download the beta today

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Unofficial Snapchat App, 6snap, Now Available For Windows Phone

Developer Rudy Huyn has released a third-party Snapchat app that absolutely blows the official app out of the water, exclusively for Windows Phone

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Is Snapchat Ever Coming To Windows Phone?
Snapchat for Windows Phone

Jeremy discusses the chances of Snapchat coming to Windows Phone anytime soon, plus the third party options to hold you over until then

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Instagram Finally Coming To Windows Phone

Instagram is finally making its way to Windows Phone in the coming weeks. Bravo, folks

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Vine Officially Lands On Windows Phone

Popular video client Vine has officially landed on Windows Phone. Let the 6 seconds of madness begin

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Netflix Inches Closer To Blu-Ray With Super HD Streaming

Netflix increasing their HD streaming quality as well as adding 3D!

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Windows Phone 8 Is Here With 3 New Features

Windows Phone 8 has arrived. Check out three new features that might help influence your next smartphone purchase

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College Student? Want a free PS3? I’ll Show You How

Check out how you can score a free PS3 and other goodies from Sony for simply being a college student!

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