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NFL and NFL Referees Association Reach Agreement

The NFL and NFLRA have finally reached an agreement, ending the Referee Lockout of

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Monday Night Football Recap: The Seattle Screwjob Edition

The catch? The immaculate deception? Cheating? Robbery? Corporate greed? Just what the hell happened on Monday Night Football

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Penn State Punishment The Right Thing To Do

It was Aristotle who said “piety requires us to honor truth above our friends.” Penn State University is feeling the full force of NCAA sanctions for failing to follow this ethical standard

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Comcast Teams Up with Robert Rodriguez for Cable Channel
Robert Rodriguez

Cable provider Comcast has begun creating a slew of specialty cable channels in the past few years, including my favorite channel Troma TV in the On Demand area.  Deadline is now reporting that their latest addition will be El Rey, to be run by Robert Rodriguez.  The network is said to be “an action-packed, general entertainment network in English for Latino and general [&hellip

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Super Bowl 46 – Giants vs Patriots

Well, it’s that time of the year again.  The most watched television event of the year, Super Bowl XLVI.  Or 46, for non-Romans.  Anyway, it’s a rematch from 2007, the New England Patriots face off against the New York Giants, and seemingly no one outside New York or Boston really cares.  We saw this game before, with horrifying results, and no [&hellip

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Chris Benoit Film Titled “Crossface” in the Works

SRG Films is announcing they have begun work on a film based on the real life incident involving WWE wrestler Chris Benoit, when he went ballistic and murdered his wife and child before hanging himself from his weight set.  It was a gruesome, depressing story, and the saddest part was Benoit’s deteriorating mental health was noticeable in weekly WWE  broadcasts. The [&hellip

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Detroit Lions Fans Petition Nickelback

Check out the latest scoop about the petition circulating to stop Nickelback from playing at the Detroit Lions Thanksgiving Halftime show

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Independent Review: Crave Online Presents “Balls” – An Exclusive Interview with Writer/Actor Michael Brouillet

Taking a break from the usual weekly column, this week in Independent Review, I will be talking to Michael Brouillet of the Crave Online Network’s show Balls. Long before Comedy Central began airing Sports Show with Norm MacDonald, there was another comedy sports news show airing weekly called Balls. Michael Brouillet is a writer and actor that has appeared in [&hellip

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Free Agency Clusterf…

An update on the NFL labor situation would be in order here. The seemingly national nightmare that was the NFL Lockout ended on July 25th. While the end of the NFL Lockout was good for the game and it’s fans, its end also brought a whirlwind of headaches for teams’ coaching and front office staffs. A slew of Free Agents [&hellip

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Momentary Lapse of Season

It has been a story like no other, with about as much drama as a Billy Shakespeare play, but unlike his Romeo and Juliet this one seems to be drawing to a happy ending. The story I speak of is that of the NFL Lockout. NFL owners and NFL players engaged in contentious negotiations about the terms of a new [&hellip

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