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Show Review: Gojira And The Devin Townsend Project @ The Fonda Theatre (Hollywood, CA)
Gojira live

The year was 2009.  I was amped up and ready to witness the mass barbarian slaughter that is Gojira live.  I packed a flask, wore the most offensive shirt in my closet, and set off for what was sure to be one of the most punishing nights of my life.  And let me tell you, punishing doesn’t even begin to describe what [&hellip

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2012 Was Overrated

David runs down his 3 most disappointing releases of the year.

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David’s Top 20 (Metal) Albums Of 2012

David lays down his year end list for the best metal releases. See what made the cut!

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Show Review: Converge, Nails & Kvelertak @ The Echoplex (Los Angeles, CA)
Converge Tour

David recaps his experience at Converge’s “All We Love We Leave Behind” headlining tour, featuring Nails and Kvelertak.

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6 Reasons Why Pig Destroyer’s Book Burner Wasn’t Worth The Wait
book burner

This is going to be a tough one to write.  Pig Destroyer are bar none one of the best bands on the planet.  They redefined grindcore with 2001’s Prowler In The Yard, took groove to a whole new level with 2004’s Terrifyer, and rejuvenated thrash with 2006’s Phantom Limb.  So it was with painful anticipation that grind fanatics everywhere waited over half a decade [&hellip

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Show Review: Murder Construct & Bastard Noise @ Los Globos (Los Angeles, CA)

Grindcore shows are by far one of the most intense and neck breaking experiences a metalhead can put themselves through; more often than not leaving the attendee half deaf and nearly paralyzed after the unrelenting onslaught of blast beats and violent pitting.  They are something I think any fan of metal, casual or die hard, should experience, especially if you [&hellip

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Converge – All We Love We Leave Behind Review

Converge are never ones to superfluously release an album.  Each release has a purpose and each one stands on its own.  Their newest masterpiece, All We Love We Leave Behind, is absolutely no exception.  Following in the footsteps of their massively successful 2009 album, Axe To Fall, Converge pick up right where they left off, delivering some of the most heartfelt and crushing [&hellip

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Mini Reviews: Murder Construct and Birds In Row

Murder Construct – Results (Relapse Records)   You would think that a grindcore band comprised of some of the most prolific veterans of the genre would be a no-brainer, a home run if you will.  In the case of Murder Construct‘s first LP, Results, you would be absolutely right.  Consisting of Travis Ryan (Cattle Decapitation) on vocals, Leon del Muerte (ex-Exhumed) on [&hellip

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The Chariot – One Wing Review

Everyone remembers Norma Jean when they were good, right?  You know, Bless The Martyr, Kiss The Child?  What happened to them?  Oh that’s right, vocalist Josh Scogin left the band.  Fortunately for all of us, in the wake of their present mediocrity Scogin continued blazing a new and exciting path in post hardcore that is always two steps ahead of [&hellip

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10 Years Minus The Machine Review
10 Years

Wilson breaks down hard rock band, 10 Years’ new album Minus the Machine. How does it hold up with their other albums

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